Entering Turkey by Land

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Entering Turkey via land is comparable to doing so via another mode of transportation, either by sea or through one of its major international airports. When arriving at one of the several land border crossing inspection sites, visitors must present the proper identification documents.

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What documents do I need to get through a Land Border post in Turkey?

Entering Turkey via land is very comparable to doing so via another mode of transportation, either by sea or through one of its major international airports. When arriving at one of the several land border crossing inspection sites, visitors are required to present the proper identification documents, which include: 

  • A passport that is valid for at least another six months.
  • A valid Turkish visa or an electronic visa for Turkey

Visitors who enter the country in their automobiles must additionally show further documentation. This ensures that vehicles are imported legally, and drivers are certified to drive on Turkish roads. These include the following items:

  • A driver's licence from the nation where you now reside.
  • The registration papers for your car.
  • The appropriate insurance is required for travel on Turkish highways (including an International Green Card).
  • Information regarding the registration of the car.

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How do I enter Turkey from Greece via Land?

To enter the country, travellers can go by car or foot through two road crossings on the border between Greece and Turkey. Both are situated in northeastern Greece and are open twenty-four hours a day.

The following border crossings exist between Greece and Turkey:

  1. Kastanies – Pazarkule
  2. Kipi – İpsala

How do I enter Turkey from Bulgaria via Land?

Travellers have three options for entering Turkey from a land border crossing in Bulgaria. These are found in the southeast of Bulgaria and offer entrance to the country close to the Turkish city of Erdine.

You must know that only the Kapitan Andreevo crossing is open around-the-clock before you travel. Additionally, not all these access points permit foot traffic at all times.

The following border crossings exist between Bulgaria and Turkey: 

  1. Andreevo – Kapkule Kapitan
  2. Lesovo – Hamzabeyli
  3. Trnovo – Aziziye Malko

How do I enter Turkey from Georgia via Land?

Georgian citizens can travel to Turkey using one of three land routes. Visitors can cross the border at Sarp and Türkgözü on foot; all three checkpoints are staffed around the clock.
The following border crossings exist between Georgia and Turkey:

  1. Sarp
  2. Türkgözü
  3. Aktaş

How do I enter Turkey from Iran via Land?

Iran has two ports that provide land access to Turkey. Both are situated in Iran's northwest. Only one of them—Bazargan-Gürbulak—is currently open around the clock.

The following are some examples of Iran and Turkey's border crossings - 

  1. Bazargan - Gürbulak
  2. Sero - Esendere

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Which of the borders in Turkey are no longer open?

Other Turkish land borders cannot be used as entry points because they are currently off-limits to civilian travellers. This is because of a combination of diplomatic and security factors. As a result, it is no longer advised to travel these routes.

Armenian Land Border with Turkey -

The public can no longer cross the border between Armenia and Turkey. At the time of writing, it is unclear if it will be reopened.

Syria and Turkey share a land border - 

Due to the armed conflict, civilian movement across the Syrian-Turkish border is prohibited. As of this writing, travellers from Syria should stay away from Turkey.

Iraq's and Turkey's Land Border -

Due to persistent security concerns, the land borders between Iraq and Turkey are currently closed. Due to the remoteness of the country's border crossing sites, none of the country's points of entry advises entering Iraq.

Due to its unique location at the nexus of Eastern and Western cultures, Turkey is a vast and diverse country with numerous discrete access points for international travellers.

Getting a Turkish e-Visa is the most practical way to be ready for a trip to a Turkish border crossing. When accepted, users can quickly and easily transit a Turkish land, sea, or airport border crossing by submitting an online application as little as 24 hours before departure.

More than 90 nations currently accept online visa applications. The Turkey visa application form can be completed on a laptop, smartphone, or other electronic device. It simply takes a few minutes to finish the request.

With a valid eVisa, foreigners may travel to Turkey for up to 90 days for tourism or business.

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How do I apply for the Turkey Visa Online?

Foreign nationals in Turkey who meet the requirements for an e-Visa can submit an online application in 3 steps:

  • Start by finishing the Turkey e-Visa application.
  • Examine and confirm payment of the visa fee.
  • Get an email approving your visa.

Applicants should never go to a Turkish embassy. Turkey's e-Visa application is only available online. They will get an email with their issued visa, which they should print off and carry on their flight to Turkey.

All eligible passport holders, including minors, must apply for a Turkey e-Visa to enter Turkey. A child's parents or legal guardians can submit the child's visa application.

Completing the application for a Turkey Visa Online

The Turkish e-Visa application form must be filled out by travellers who meet the requirements and include their contact and passport details. The candidate must also specify their projected admission date and national origin.

The following information must be provided when requesting a Turkey e-Visa:

  • Name of the eligible applicant.
  • Birthdate and location of the eligible applicant
  • The passport number of the eligible applicant
  • Date of passport issuance and the expiration of the eligible applicant
  • Email address of the eligible applicant
  • Mobile phone number of the eligible applicant

Additionally, the applicant must respond to a series of security questions and pay the e-Visa fee before applying for a Turkey e-Visa. Dual nationality travellers must apply for an e-Visa and enter Turkey using the same passport.

What are the documents required for the Turkey Visa Online application?

The following documents are necessary for applicants to submit an online Turkey visa application:

  • A passport from a qualifying nation
  • Email address
  • A debit or credit card for e-Visa fee payment

The passenger's passport must be valid for at least 60 days after the trip. The passport of any foreign national asking for a 90-day visa must be valid for at least 150 days. Email is used to communicate with applicants on all notifications and the accepted visa.

If they meet specific requirements, citizens of different countries can apply. Some travellers will need the following:

  • It is necessary to have a current visa or resident permit from a Schengen country, the United Kingdom, the United States, or Ireland.
  • Hotel reservations
  • Proof of enough financial resources
  • Ticket for a subsequent flight with a licensed airline

Who is eligible to apply for the Turkey Visa Online?

Tourists and business travellers from over 90 countries can obtain a Turkish visa. Northern America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania countries are all eligible for Turkey's electronic visa.

Depending on their nationality, applicants can apply for one of the following visas online:

  • Single entry 30-day Turkey e-Visa
  • Multiple entry 60-day Turkey e-Visa

Given below is a list of countries eligible for the Turkey visa online or the Turkey eVisa:



 Antigua and Barbuda











 Cape Verde




 Dominican Republic


 Equatorial Guinea




 Hong Kong












 Saint Lucia

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

 Saudi Arabia


 Solomon Islands

 South Africa

 Sri Lanka



 United Arab Emirates

 United States of America




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Please apply for a Online Turkey Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.