Obtaining A Schengen Visa to Enter Turkey

By: Turkey e-Visa

The Schengen Zone Agreement Between Turkey and the EU Schengen Visa Holders has opened numerous options - Many travelers may not realize that these rights apply outside of the EU. One such country that grants this type of visa holder preference access is Turkey.

This page explains how someone with a Schengen visa can enter Turkey. It outlines the procedure for preparing for travel, what guests need to know before they make their trip, and how the Online Turkey Visa functions for those with Schengen visas.

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Who Can Apply for A Schengen Visa and What Is It?

An EU Schengen member state will grant travelers a Schengen visa. 

These visas are issued by each member state of the Schengen Agreement in accordance with its own unique set of national conditions.

The visas are intended for nationals of third countries who wish to travel briefly or intend to work, study, or remain in the EU for an extended period. Visitors are also permitted to travel and stay without a passport in all 26 other member nations, in addition to being allowed to reside or spend a brief time in the country where they applied.

Holders of the Schengen visa can also submit an online application for a visa to Turkey or another non-EU nation. Along with a current passport, the Schengen visa is typically presented as supporting documentation throughout the application.

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Where and How to Get a Schengen Visa?

Prospective EU visitors and citizens must first go to the embassy of the nation they desire to reside in or visit to apply for a Schengen visa. To receive a valid Schengen visa, they must choose the proper visa for their situation and abide by the policies established by the relevant country.

A Schengen visa requires typically proof of at least one of the following before being issued:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Valid travel insurance
  • Financial independence or support while in Europe
  • Onward travel information

Nationalities Eligible for Online Turkey Visa with Current Schengen Visas

Residents of most African and Asian nations can obtain a Schengen visa. Before visiting the EU, visitors from these countries must apply for a Schengen visa; otherwise, they risk having their entry to the Union rejected or being unable to board a flight to Europe.

Once approved, the visa may occasionally be used to seek a permit to travel outside of Europe. Travel authorizations from the 54 states' holders of active Schengen visas can be used as proof of identity when applying for  Online Turkey Visa.

The states on this list include, among others:

Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Liberia, Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Tanzania, Vietnam, or Zimbabwe.  

Check our requirements page for further information.

Foreign nationals wishing to travel to Turkey for tourist or business purposes can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization called Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa. Learn more at Eligible Countries for Online Turkey Visa.

How To Get a Schengen Visa and Travel to Turkey?

Unless traveling from a nation that does not require a visa, a visa is required to enter Turkey. A Turkey e-Visa is usually the simplest method to get ready for travel. This can be requested entirely online, processed quickly, and approved in less than a day.

With only a few conditions, applying for a Turkey e-Visa while holding a Schengen visa is relatively simple. Only identifiable personal information, supporting documents, such as a current passport and Schengen visa, and a few security questions are required of visitors.

Please keep in mind, though, that only valid national visas may be used as proof of identity. When applying for a Turkey e-Visa, eVisas from other nations are not accepted as acceptable documentation and cannot be used in their place.

Online Turkey Visa Checklist for Holders of Schengen Visa

To successfully apply for a Turkey e-Visa while possessing a Schengen visa, you must present various identification documents and things. These consist of the following:

  • A current passport must still be valid after 150 days.
  • Valid proof of identification includes a Schengen visa.
  • A working email address is required to receive the Turkey e-Visa.
  • To pay the Turkey e-Visa fees, use a credit or debit card.

It is crucial for travelers with Schengen visas to make sure their identification credentials are still valid before entering Turkey.

Entry may be denied at the border if a tourist visa for Turkey is used to enter the country along with a Schengen expired visa.

How To Get a Schengen Visa to Visit Turkey?

If they are from a nationality that qualifies for the program, tourists can still visit Turkey using an Online Turkey Visa without having a Schengen visa. The application procedure is quite identical to that for an EU visa.

However, travelers from nations who are ineligible for Turkey e-Visa and who do not have a current Schengen or Turkish visa must choose a different route. Instead, they should get in touch with the Turkish embassy or consulate in your area.

It is intriguing to travel to Turkey. It connects the Eastern and Western worlds and provides visitors with various experiences. Fortunately, the country offers travelers with various options for the travel authorization, but having the appropriate visa is still crucial.

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Who Is Eligible for a Turkey e-Visa Under the Visa Policy for Turkey?

Depending on their country of origin, foreign travelers to Turkey are divided into three categories.

  • Visa-free nations
  • Nations that accept Online Turkey Visa 
  • Stickers as proof of visa requirement

Below are listed the various countries' visa requirements.

Turkey's multiple-entry visa

If visitors from the nations mentioned below fulfill the additional Turkey e-Visa conditions, they can obtain a multiple-entry visa for Turkey. They are permitted a maximum of 90 days, and occasionally 30 days, in Turkey.

Antigua and Barbuda









Dominican Republic



Hong Kong BNO






St Lucia

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Saudi Arabia

South Africa


United Arab Emirates

United States of America

Turkey's single-entry visa

The following nations' citizens can obtain a single-entry eVisa for Turkey. They are permitted a maximum of 30 days in Turkey.







Cape Verde

East Timor (Timor-Leste)


Equatorial Guinea


Greek Cypriot Administration







Palestinian Territory



Solomon Islands

Sri Lanka





If a traveler plans to leave the airport, they must get a transit visa for Turkey. Even though they will only be in the city for a short while, transit travelers who wish to explore the city must have a visa.Learn more at Transit Visa for Turkey.

Conditions unique to the Turkey eVisa

Foreign nationals from certain nations who qualify for the single-entry visa must fulfill one or more of the following unique Turkey eVisa requirements:

  • Authentic visa or residency permit from a Schengen nation, Ireland, the UK, or the US. Visas and residence permits issued electronically are not accepted.
  • Utilize an airline authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Keep your hotel reservation.
  • Possess proof of sufficient financial resources ($50 per day)
  • The requirements for the country of citizenship of the traveler must be verified.

Nationalities that are permitted entry to Turkey without a visa

Not every foreigner needs a visa to enter Turkey. For a brief while, visitors from certain nations can enter without a visa.

Some nationalities are permitted entry to Turkey without a visa. They are as follows:

All EU citizens




New Zealand



United Kingdom

Depending on nationality, visa-free trips might last anywhere from 30 to 90 days over a 180-day period.

Only tourist-related activities are allowed without a visa; a suitable entrance permit is required for all other visits.

The approval of an Online Turkey Visa is not always a given, though. Several things, such as giving false information on the online form and concerns that the applicant would overstay their visa, might cause the Online Turkey Visa application to be refused. Learn more at How to Avoid Turkey Visa Rejection.

Nationalities that do not qualify for an Online Turkey Visa

These nations' citizens are unable to apply online for a Turkish visa. They must apply for a conventional visa through a diplomatic post because they do not match the conditions for a Turkey e-Visa:





Marshall Islands




North Korea

Papua New Guinea


South Sudan




To schedule a visa appointment, visitors from these nations should get in touch with the Turkish embassy or consulate nearest them.

Please apply for a Online Turkey Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.