Online Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens

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Chinese citizens need a visa to travel to Turkey. Chinese citizens coming to Turkey for tourism and business purposes can apply for a multiple-entry visa online if they meet all the eligibility requirements. If you are a Chinese citizen and wish to apply for a Turkey visa from China, please read on for information on the visa application requirements and procedure.

In 2013, the Turkish government launched a simple and uncomplicated online visa application system enabling foreign visitors to receive a Turkey e Visa fast.

 This new procedure eliminated the need for Chinese citizens to contact the Turkish consulate or the embassy to apply for a Turkey visa, spend hours in line waiting to be assessed, and incur expensive transport to and from the embassy.

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

What are the Turkey e-Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens?

To qualify for Turkey e-Visa, you must meet certain conditions established by the Turkish government. The following are the eVisa eligibility requirements:

  • A Chinese passport is valid for 150 days from the date of entry into Turkey.
  • A genuine email address (to which the Turkey e Visa and other visa-related alerts will be delivered).
  • A debit or credit card, a PayPal account, American Express, MasterCard, or Maestro are all acceptable forms of payment (you will need it to pay the eVisa fees).

What is the Validity of Turkish e-Visas for Chinese Citizens?

The Turkey e-Visa is a digital travel permit that allows Chinese citizens to visit Turkey and reside for 30 days on a multiple-entry basis. This means that Chinese visitors with an eVisa cannot remain in Turkey for further than 30 days.

Nevertheless, the Turkey e-Visa will be valid for 180 days, beginning with the date of travel specified by the applicant on the visa application. Turkish e-Visa is a multiple-entry travel permit for Chinese citizens.

What is the Online Turkey Visa Application Process?

Applying for a Turkey Visa is a simple three-step process that involves the following steps:

  • Completing a visa application form.
  • Using a valid payment card to pay the visa fee.
  • You must provide a valid email address and receive the visa there.

How To Apply for a Visa to Turkey?

Chinese citizens can apply for an Online Turkey Visa from the convenience of their own home or office. The entire application process is done in less than 5 minutes. If you plan a brief vacation or business trip to Turkey, the Turkey e-Visa is an excellent option.

To request a Turkey visa, you must complete a Turkey visa application form, which is available on our website. The form will include two components. In the first area, the candidate must put in personal information such as:

  • Complete name.
  • Surname.
  • Date and location of birth.
  • Contact Information.
  • The email address.
  • Correct Passport number.
  • The date of issue.
  • The expiration dates.
  • Travellers must also mention an expected date of travel to Turkey.
  • Travellers must submit family information (your father's and mother's names) in the second section of the form. 

The validity length of the visa will be determined by the date of travel specified on the application form.

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Who is Eligible to Apply for an Online Turkey Visa?

China is not among the nations that do not require a visa. As a result, all Chinese citizens must be granted a visa before visiting Turkey for tourism.

  • Only Chinese nationals with diplomatic or official passports are exempt from visa requirements. They can, however, only remain in Turkey for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Before travelling to Turkey, all regular passport holders must obtain a Turkish e-Visa.
  • Chinese tourists and business travellers can visit Turkey using a Turkey e-Visa. They can visit well-known tourist attractions, see friends and family, and spend their vacations appreciating the country's beautiful beauty, rich culture, delectable cuisine, and architectural marvels. Alternatively, they can attend conferences, trade shows, or meetings.
  • On the other hand, Chinese visitors with an eVisa are not permitted to work or study in Turkey. If you want to work or study in Turkey, you'll need to apply for a different visa. You must contact the Turkish embassy or consulate for more information and guidelines on working or studying in Turkey.
  • The regular Turkey e-visas are handled within one (1) business day.

What Is the Urgent E-Visa for Turkey?

You must apply for an urgent visa if you cannot wait for that long and require a Turkey visa immediately. Urgent visas are handled practically soon after the visa form, and visa fee is submitted.

The urgent visa processing time is 15 minutes, so you can get a visa before you board your flight to Turkey. Travellers can apply for their chosen eVisa in minutes utilizing a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

What is the Turkey Transit Visa for Chinese Citizens?

If you are a Chinese national looking to travel through Turkey to another destination in Europe or Asia, you will need a Turkey transit visa.

This visa will be required for anyone travelling via Turkey to reach their destination.

Travellers who arrive in Turkey merely to connect or change flights and must spend the layover period will not need to apply for a transit visa. If you do not intend to stay in Turkey for more than a day or two, a transit visa or tourist eVisa will not be required.

To apply for a transit visa, the tourist must have an onward ticket, a valid passport, and the necessary travel documentation to enter their intended location.

Should Chinese Travelers Visit Turkey? 

China has the world's largest outbound tourism business, which is growing year after year.

Upwards of 100 million travellers leave China each year to travel to other regions of the world. Turkey is one of the top 10 locations for Chinese tourists each year.

Chinese travellers to Turkey increased by 40% in January 2020, shortly before the Chinese New Year. Turkish borders have reopened to Chinese tourists, and international airlines have begun. It is a beautiful moment for Chinese visitors to organize a trip to Turkey.

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What are the Turkey e-Visa Guidelines?

  • Before applying, make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of 150 days after entering Turkey. When applying for a Turkey e Visa, renew it if it is about to expire.
  • Upon arriving at a Turkish port of entry, travellers must present a physical or digital copy of their Turkish e-Visa.
  • Passengers on a cruise ship who intend to disembark at a Turkish port of entry are not required to file for transit or an e-Visa if their stay is less than or equal to 72 hours.

Apply for a Turkish e-Visa from China: Points You must Keep In Mind:

Please carefully fill out the following requirements to apply for an official Turkey visa from China:

  • According to the form, all that is required of you is your personal information, travel information, passport information, and the sort of visa you are asking for.
  • Meanwhile, when completing the Turkey visa application form, please attempt to fill in the areas highlighted with red asterisks, as these contain critical information required for the approval of your e-visa to Turkey. 
  • When submitting your visa application, please select the processing time best suits your needs.
  • Please check that you are a Chinese citizen before submitting your form. Please double-check all of your information to prevent any errors.

Now that we are fully conscious of the risks of coronavirus, you can still submit your e-visa application successfully. Please ensure you take all the necessary precautions to prevent coronavirus transmission. 

Meanwhile, keep in mind that issued visas or payments for issued visas cannot be reimbursed, even if the recipient is unable to utilize it or travel due to the covid-19 measures placed in place. Remember that visa approval sometimes takes more time than expected.

Where Are The China Embassies In Turkey?

China Embassy in Ankara


Gölgeli Sokak No., 34










[email protected]

[email protected]

Website URL

China Consulate in Istanbul


Tarabya Mahallesi,Ahi Çelebi Cad.Çobançeşme Sokak

No.4, Sariyer









[email protected]

Website URL

Where Are The Turkey Embassies In China?

Turkey Embassy in Beijing











[email protected]

Website URL

Turkey Consulate in Shanghai


SOHO Zhongshan Plaza 1055 West Zhongshan Road, 8F

Units: 806-808, Changning District











[email protected]

Website URL

Turkey Consulate in Hong Kong


Room 301, 3/F Sino Plaza Gloucester Road Causeway Bay

Hong Kong








[email protected]

Website URL

Turkey Consulate in Guangzhou


China Hotel Office Tower, C-702, 7th Floor, Liu Hua Lu









[email protected]

According to the most recent factual information on COVID-19 damage, about 17,042,722 instances have been infected by this virus. Fortunately, almost all patients have recovered. The passing rate of crown patients in 2020 was around 101,492 due to COVID-19. The total number of test cases done for COVID-19 patients is zero. To cure COVID-19, a small number of drugs and vaccines were pre-requested; the total number of these immunizations was up to 50,000,000.

Now, Turkey's medical centres are working on receiving the final treatment for COVID-19, and they have demanded adequately that all prerequisites for vaccines begin. Turkey wanted over 3.8 billion antibodies to be mixed there. Various organizations have requested these vaccinations, notably Sinovac (SARS-CoV-2), which has requested 50,000,000 antibodies. According to a recent study, the dosages of these antibodies are sufficient to immunize 30% of the population.

Please keep in mind:

Visits to the Turkish Embassy in Beijing must be scheduled in advance. For specialized services, visitors must go to the embassy's assigned area and make an appointment using the email addresses listed above. If you want to apply for consular services, you should go to the Consular Section.

Consular Assistance:

The Turkish Embassy in Beijing provides a comprehensive range of consular services, including visa and passport processing and document legalization. To apply for a new passport, renew an old one, modify the information on your present passport, or report a missing or damaged passport, make an appointment with the high commission's passport department.

These consulate services are as follows:

  • Passport applications are processed.
  • Visa applications are processed.
  • Document legalization.
  • The issuance of emergency travel documents.
  • Legal authority.
  • Certificate of Birth.
  • Forms of application.
  • Document authentication.

Consult the high commission if you want to apply for an identity card, report a lost or stolen Turkey ID card, or modify or change your information on the Identity verification card.

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What are Turkey's international airports?

Turkey has many airports, and while the list is broad, we have selected some of the best. So, check this handy list and acquire as much information as possible on Turkish airports.

1. Istanbul International Airport

Istanbul Airport is one of the busiest in the country. The airport is located in Istanbul, Turkey's capital city, as the name suggests. In 2019, the airport replaced Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The Istanbul Airport was created with a bigger passenger capacity to ease the strain on the former airport. The airport can handle up to 90 million people per year. Turkey's president, Erdogan, proclaimed it open in 2018.

The airport is around 25 kilometres from Istanbul's city centre. The airport was built in stages to make the infrastructure more suitable for travellers. Several amenities, such as car rental services, luggage wrapping centres, many information desks, and more, enable Istanbul Airport to meet the majority of the needs of travellers.

Tayakadin, Terminal Cad No. 1, 34283 Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Turkey.

IST is the airport code. 

2. Airport of Konya

This airport serves military and commercial purposes, and NATO occasionally uses it. The Konya Airport first opened its doors in the year 2000. The State Airports Administration is in charge of the Konya Airport. Passengers arriving at Konya Airport can also explore the city's prominent attractions, including the Mevlana Museum, Karatay Madarsa, and Azizia Mosque.

Address: Vali Ahmet Kayhan Cd. No. 15, 42250 Selçuklu/Konya, Turkey.

The airport code is KYA.

3. Antalya Airport 

Another airport worthy of note in this list of both domestic and international airports in Turkey is Antalya Airport. Antalya's airport is 13 kilometres away from the city centre. Because many people visit this location to enjoy the beaches of Antalya, this airport remains crowded.

Furthermore, the hassle-free airport shuttles make purchasing Antalya Airport tickets uncomplicated.

Antalya Havaalanı Dış Hatlar Terminali 1, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey is the address of Yeşilköy Airport.

The airport code is AYT.

4. Erkilet International Airport

Kayseri Erkilet International Airport is located 5 kilometres from Kayseri. Because the airport is also utilized for military purposes, if you are lucky, you may be able to observe military actions in the airport area. Previously, the airport could not handle many passengers, but thanks to a 2007 extension, the Erkilet International Airport can currently handle more than a million people.

Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Airport is located at Mustafa Kemal Paşa Boulevard, 38090 Kocasinan/Kayseri, Turkey.

The airport code is ASR.

5. Dalaman International Airport

Dalaman Airport is another airport in Turkey that both the military and civilians use. It primarily serves South-West Turkey.

The airport has separate terminals for international and domestic flights. The airport's construction began in 1976, although it wasn't designated as an airport until 13 years later.

Airport Address: Ege, 48770 Dalaman/Mula, Turkey.

The airport code is DLM.

6. Trabzon Airport

The Trabzon Airport in Turkey, located in the beautiful Black Sea region, has some of the most beautiful sights in store for all visitors who land here. The Trabzon Airport mainly serves domestic passengers.

Domestic passenger traffic has increased substantially recently, prompting airport improvements to accommodate many passengers.

The airport's address is Üniversite, Trabzon Havaalanı, 61100 Ortahisar/Trabzon, Turkey.

The airport code is TZX.

7. Airport of Adana

Adana's airport is also known as the Adana Sakirpasa Airport. With a passenger capacity of 6 million passengers per year, it is Turkey's sixth busiest airport. It is also Turkey's first commercial airport, having opened in 1937. There are two terminals at the airport, one for international and domestic aircraft.

Turhan Cemal Beriker Blv., 01000 Seyhan/Adana, Turkey, is the address of Yeşiloba Airport.

The airport code is ADA.

8. Adiyaman International Airport

Despite its small size, Adiyaman Airport delivers services worthy of note. Adiyaman Airport's runway is roughly 2500 meters long. The General Directorate of the States Airports Authority oversees the operation of this public airport in Turkey.

Airport Address: 02000 Adyaman Merkez/Adyaman, Turkey.

ADF is the airport code.

9. Airport of Erzurum

Erzurum Airport, which opened in 1966, is a military and public airport in Turkey. This airport only serves regional flights because it is a domestic airport. The airport is around 11 kilometres from the Erzurum area. This airport has had several accidents reported; however, due to its infrastructure, it continues to meet travellers' needs.

The airport's address is ciftlik, Erzurum Havaalanı Yolu, 25050 Yakutiye/Erzurum, Turkey.

The airport code is ERZ.

10. Hatay International Airport

This airport opened in 2007 and is one of the newest in Turkey. This international airport is in the Hatay region, 18 kilometres from the city of Hatay.

Hatay's tourists can see the Antakya Archaeological Museum, Skenderun Sahil, Harbiye Selalesi, and other attractions.

Paşaköy Airport is located in Havaliman Cad 1/1, 31121 Hatay, Turkey.

HTY is the airport code.

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What Are Some Tourist Attractions in Turkey For Chinese Visitors?

Turkey is a fascinating country that straddles Asia and Europe. It is overflowing with ancient monuments left behind by a succession of civilizations and breathtaking scenery that never ceases to amaze.

All visitors are captivated by its colourful culture, delicious cuisine, and ancient history. Its breathtaking landscapes, which range from the bright sunshine of the Mediterranean to massive mountains and desolate steppe, can be visited as separate tourist attractions.

Whether you want to soak up the Byzantine and Ottoman splendour of Istanbul on a city break, relax on the beach, delve into history by visiting sites such as Ephesus, or experience some of the world's most unusual landscapes in Pamukkale and Cappadocia, this country offers it all.

Check out our list of Turkey's top tourist destinations for inspiration on where to go.

Hagia Sophia Mosque (Aya Sofya)

The Hagia Sophia Mosque (Aya Sofya), renowned as one of the world's most magnificent buildings, is one of the top things to do in Istanbul and Turkey.

Built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 537 CE, it is regarded as the most significant architectural achievement of the Byzantine Empire and has remained the world's largest church for 1,000 years.

The massive facade is framed by elegant minarets erected after the Ottoman conquest, and the opulent and vast frescoed interior is an excellent reminder of old Constantinople's majesty and power.

This famous landmark is a must-see for any visitor to the country.


The enormous ruin of Ephesus is a city of colossal monuments and marble-columned avenues that should not be overlooked.

This is one of the most intact, still-standing, famed antiquity cities in the Mediterranean region, and it is the site to experience what life must have been like during the Roman Empire's golden age.

The city's history extends back to the 10th century BCE, but the essential monuments you see now are all from the Roman era when it was a bustling trade centre.

The Library of Celsus, the complex of frescoed terraced villas, and the Great Theater attest to Ephesus' riches and influence during the Roman Empire.

A sightseeing excursion here will take at least a half-day to cover the key features and more if you want to explore, so plan your vacation accordingly.


Cappadocia's strange, swooping rock valleys are every photographer's dream.

Rippling panoramas of wave-like rock or wacky-shaped pinnacles built by millennia of wind and water activity can be found on cliff ridges and hill crests.

If you don't want to hike for the sights, this is one of the best places to take a hot-air balloon flight.

The frescoed rock-cut churches and cave-cut architecture of the Byzantine Era, when this area was home to monastic Christian communities, are nestled in this unusual lunar-like landscape.

Some of the outstanding examples of surviving mid-Byzantine-era religious art in the world may be found in the many cave churches of Göreme Open-Air Museum and Ihlara Valley.

Cappadocia's settlements, half-hewn into the hillsides where visitors base themselves to explore the surrounding area, are an attraction in and of themselves, with boutique hotels that allow you to sleep in a cave with full modern comforts.

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