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US citizens need a visa to travel to Turkey. US citizens coming to Turkey for tourism and business purposes can apply for a multiple-entry visa online if they meet all the eligibility requirements. If you are a US citizen and wish to apply for a Turkey visa from United States, please read on for information on the visa application requirements and procedure.

Visitors from the United States (US) can instantly obtain a Turkish eVisa rather than queuing for the usual Sticker or Stamp visa to enjoy Turkey's rich culture, scrumptious food, and astounding historic architecture. 

Given the incredible increase in US people traveling to Turkey for vacation or business, the government established an electronic visa application process, enabling US citizens to conveniently acquire an electronic version of their Turkey visa. 

There is no longer any requirement to physically visit the Turkish consulate or embassy in order to submit supporting documents and acquire the visa. Listed below are all the details you need to know about Turkey visas for US citizens.

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

What Should US Citizens Know About the Turkey Visa?

The Turkish government has implemented an electronic visa system that allows American individuals to get a visitor visa online. US citizens nowadays can apply for a Turkey visa from the comfort of their own homes or office.

Visa Expiration Date:

  • A Turkey electronic visa can be used for both short-term business and tourist purposes. 
  • As a result, US residents can visit Turkey for tourist or business or trade reasons and stay for up to three (3) months. 
  • Travelers must, however, arrange a trip to Turkey within 180 days of receiving their visa. 
  • Furthermore, the eVisa to Turkey will be valid for up to 90 days from the time you enter the country.

Visit Purpose:

  • The Turkey e visa for US residents is an excellent alternative for short-term tourist, business, or leisure trips to Turkey. 
  • If you intend to travel on multiple occasions within the 180-day validity term of your Turkey eVisa, you need apply for a multiple-entry visa. 
  • Likewise, if you plan to visit the nation only once, request for a single-entry visa.

Visa Application:

  • After submitting their application, tourists should expect to obtain their visa acceptance within one working day. 
  • However, if there is a high volume of visa applicants, you may be required to wait for the visa. 
  • You can apply for a Turkey visa for the United States at any time, but you should do it at least two (2) days ahead of your trip.

What are the Turkey Visa for US Citizens Requirements?

When filing for a Turkey visa, you will need to provide specific papers. These are some examples:

  • A scanned copy of your passport with at least two (2) blank pages and at least 180 days duration from the day of your landing in Turkey.
  • A valid email address is required to get the visa letter of approval and other important information.
  • To pay the visa fee, you must have a valid debit or credit card.
  • There are currently no extra supporting documents required for American individuals to apply for a Turkey visa.

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How Do US Citizens Request and Receive a Turkey Visa?

American passport holders can apply for a Turkish eVisa from any location and at any time.

To finish the visa application process, you only need an internet connection and accessibility to laptops, tablets, cellphones, or desktop computers. To prevent needless delays, apply for a Turkey visa for US citizens at least 48 hours prior to your departure date. Also, do not plan flights or accommodations in Turkey until you receive an email with a visa clearance letter.

Visa applications are processed immediately. The Turkish immigration department thoroughly evaluates each visa application and normally issues an acceptance letter within one (1) business day. Mismatches in information between your passport and the Turkey eVisa application form, on the other hand, can cause the application to be delayed.

You will receive an email with an electronic copy of the eVisa after it has been authorized by Turkish authorities.

To avoid any trouble, carry a printed version of the eVisa and save the electronic version on your mobile device as soon as you receive the letter of approval. When you arrive in Turkey, passport control officials will use their online verification system to check the validity of your visa, and immigration agents will stamp your passport. You must use the same passport that you used to apply for the eVisa on your journey to Turkey. Otherwise, your visa will be revoked when you arrive.

Visa to Turkey for US Citizens Application Requirements: 

  • Eligible US nationals can register for a Turkish electronic visa by completing an online form, which can be accessed by clicking apply for a Turkey visa from the US.
  • Personal information such as complete name and surname, birth date, birthplace, gender, residence address, email ID, and contact information will be requested. 
  • In addition, the applicant must supply information about their passport, such as its number, issue date, and expiry date.
  • The applicant must state their country of origin as well as their expected arrival date in Turkey. 
  • Furthermore, whether applying for a business or tourist visa to Turkey, US residents will be required to answer security-related questions. 
  • Always double-check the data for authenticity and validity before completing the application to avoid delays later. 
  • Applicants must pay visa fees at the time of their application.

How Much Does a Visa to Turkey Cost from the United States?

The price of a visa to Turkey from the United States varies depending on the kind of visa and the processing period. 

There are numerous types of visas available for Turkey. These are often classified based on the objective of the trip, such as tourism, business, or work, as well as the amount of time spent in Turkey. The visa validity time for US nationals varies depending on the type of visa.

Even if you are an American citizen and apply for a Turkish visa online, the visa fee will be different. This is because the rates for people who have opted for supplementary services, such as registering with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), differ from those who have not.

As a result, when you have selected all of the services accessible on the Turkish e-Visa application system, the ultimate cost of your visa to Turkey will be established. Your Turkey e-Visa can be used for vacation, business, or transit purposes. 

The Turkey e-Visa permits US citizens to stay in the country for up to three (3) months. However, given the Turkish government's continuing COVID-19-related modifications in travel restrictions, travelers from the United States may need extra documentation to obtain an e-Visa, which requires a negative PCR test. If you want to apply for a Turkey e-Visa, keep in mind that your passport must be valid for at least 150 days from your scheduled arrival date in Turkey.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, Turkey has implemented a new health declaration form. Before entering Turkey, all visitors will be required to complete a Form for Entry to Turkey. The form must be completed within 72 hours of departure.

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How Long Are US Citizens Allowed to Stay In Turkey?

Following approval of the Turkey e-visa, US nationals will be able to stay in the country for up to 180 days. 

Keep in mind, however, that the visa's validity period begins from the day of issue, not the day of arrival in Turkey. The validity of your stay, on the other hand, will be up to 90 days following the date of your entrance into the nation.

If US citizens want to visit Turkey many times within the authorized 180 days, they can apply for multiple-entry visas. This is in addition to the one-entry visa.

American travelers must finish all Turkey visa online registration procedures 48 hours before their scheduled departure date. This is required if you wish to prevent unnecessary visa delays or hassles. Although the relevant authorities handle almost all visa applications instantly, you may have to wait some time for clearance if there is an excess of visa applications.

If you request it at the last minute, you might not be able to travel to Turkey as planned because you will not be granted a visa.

Turkish e-visas can be received in one day to a few hours. However, you should apply two (2) to three (3) days before your trip.

Coronavirus Update on Turkey Visas and Entry

Can US citizens travel to Turkey? Yes.

Is it necessary to have a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) to get entry? No, a PCR test will be performed until you exhibit signs of COVID-19.

To enter Turkey for medical tourism, medical tourists must bring health documentation confirmed by a doctor, as well as a medical visa. Please get in touch with us for further information about acquiring a Turkey visa for this reason.

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Travel Records of United States Citizens to Turkey:

According to the most recent numbers, the United States is one of the top countries in the world for the most trips to Turkey. Approximately 578,074 people visited the country in 2019. Last year, people traveled to Turkey primarily for tourism, entertainment, sports, and cultural events.


1. Is it safe to travel to Turkey at the moment?

In a nutshell, visiting Turkey is extremely safe.

Turkey's delectable gastronomy, rich culture, and historical architecture entice visitors to visit the country. Turkey has finally eliminated all covid travel restrictions, allowing all countries to access under normal covid norms.

2. Have any flights to Turkey been canceled?

Turkish Airlines started international flights gradually on June 11th, 2022. 

According to the Ministry of Transport, Turkey has banned flights to Iran and Afghanistan due to the coronavirus epidemic. Turkish Airlines has become the most global airline around the world, thus we believe it is critical, especially now that airlines such as Emirates and Qatar have begun flight operations to the country.

3. Can Americans visit Turkey?

Yes! Americans with valid passports can easily go to Turkey. 

You can apply for a Turkey visa at any time and from any location by using the apply e visa service. Turkey visas will be issued for both tourism and business travel. Eligible citizens of the United States can apply for a Turkey electronic visa by completing an online application form.

The applicant must provide their country of birth as well as their expected arrival date in Turkey. Furthermore, whether seeking business or tourist visas in Turkey, US residents will definitely be asked security-related questions.

To avoid delays, please double-check the information before submitting the application for completeness and authenticity. When applying, applicants must pay a visa fee.

4. Is Turkey now available to tourists?

Turkey has officially opened its borders to all travelers under normal travel conditions. 

Turkey has reopened for tourism and welcomes visitors from all countries, whether for business or pleasure. Turkey has finally eliminated all covid travel restrictions, allowing all countries to access under normal covid norms. 

To enter Turkey, all countries must obtain an e-visa. Passengers flying to Turkey, as well as those arriving at the airport, will be required to wear a face mask in public. Any tourist who does not wear a mask would be denied admittance.

5. Do US citizens require a visa to enter Turkey?

Yes, absolutely! All US nationals must get a valid Turkey visa for US travel prior to their departure date. 

Visitors from the United States can stay in Turkey for up to 90 days with an eVisa. After submitting an online application and paying the visa cost, the visa can be approved within 24 hours.

6. Is it possible to obtain a visa on arrival in Turkey?

No. You cannot now obtain a visa on arrival. 

To secure entry clearance in Turkey, they must obtain an eVisa or an alternative visa, depending on the nature of their travel.

7. Do I require a transit visa in Turkey to change airplanes from a Turkish airport?

If you need to switch flights within a Turkish airport, you do not need to acquire a transit visa. 

A transit visa is required if you need to go to another nation by rail, road, or sea.

8. Do I need an eVisa to fly to an EU member country via Turkey?

If you wish to travel via Turkey to reach a location in Europe and have a valid European Schengen visa, you can apply for a Turkey e-visa for the United States. 

However, this is only permitted if Turkey is simply your point of entry into Europe. Note that Turkey is not a member of the European Union and is a sovereign country that regulates its own immigration policies.

As a result, US residents who desire to travel to an EU location via Turkey must have the proper travel documentation, as well as a legitimate Turkish visa and a visa for their EU itinerary.

9. When can an American citizen be exempt from the visa requirement?

Visa waivers are only available for US citizens coming on a cruise ship. 

The cruising must be a one-day trip or a 72-hour short-term expedition. In this case, US nationals can get into the country without acquiring an eVisa by using a valid US passport.

10. Can I use an eVisa to work or study in Turkey?

With an eVisa, it is not possible to seek a job or enroll in a school in Turkey. 

The Turkey visa for US citizens is intended to allow visitors to the nation for short-term leisure, business excursions, or transit.

Apply For A Turkey E-Visa From The United States Of America Now!

Please carefully fill out the form on our website to apply for an official Turkey visa from the United States of America.

 The authorized form is only for persons seeking a Turkey e-Visa with a US passport. All that is required of you, according to the form, is your personal information, travel information, passport information, and the sort of visa you are requesting for.

Meanwhile, when completing the Turkey visa application form, please attempt to fill in the areas highlighted with red asterisks, as these contain critical information required for the approval of your e-visa to Turkey. 

Please select the processing time that best suits your needs when submitting your visa application, and then check that you are a United States of America citizen before submitting your form. Make sure to double-check all your information to avoid any mistakes. 

Remember that visa approval sometimes takes longer than expected.

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Please apply for a Online Turkey Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.