Privacy Policy

We are transparent about the personal information we collect, how it is collected, used and shared.By ‘Personal information’ we mean any information which can be used to identify an individual, either on its own, or in combination with other information.

We are dedicated to protecting your personal information. We will not use personal information for any other purposes other than outlined in this Privacy Policy.

By using our website you agree to this Privacy Policy and its terms.

Personal information we collect

We may collect the following types of personal information:

Personal data provided by you

Applicants provide this information to us to process a visa application. This will be passed to the necessary authorities so they can make a decision on whether to approve or deny the application. This information is entered by applicants on an online form.

This personal information can include a wide range of data including some types of information which are considered to be highly-sensitive. These types of information include: your full name, date of birth, travel dates, arrival ports, address, travel itenerary, passport details, gender, ethnicity, religion, health, genetic information, and criminal background.

Mandatory documentation

It is required to request documentation to process visa applications. The types of documents we may request include: passports, IDs, resident cards, birth certificates, letters of invitation, bank statements, and parental authorization letters.


We use online analytics platform which can collect information about your device, browser, location from the user who visit our website. This device information includes the user’s IP address, geographical location, and the browser and operating system.

How we use your personal information

We use the personal information we collect for only Visa application. Users’ information may be used in the following ways:

To process your visa application

We use the personal data you enter on the application form to process your visa application. The information provided is shared with the relevant authorities in order for them to either approve or deny your application.

To communicate with applicants

We use the information you provide to communicate. We use this to answer your queries, deal with your requests, reply to emails, and to send notifications regarding the statuses of applications.

To improve this website

In order to improve the overall experience for our web users we use various programs to analyze the information we collect. We use the data to improve our website as well as our services.

To comply with the law

We may need to share the personal information of users to comply with various laws and regulations. This could be during legal proceedings, audits, or investigations.

Other reasons

Your data may be used to improve security measures, to help prevent fraudulent activity, or to verify compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Cookie policy.

How your personal information is shared

We do not share your personal data with third parties except in the following circumstances:

With governments

We share the information and the documentation your provide with the government in order to process your visa application. The government needs this data to either approve or deny your application.

For legal purposes

When laws or regulations require us to do so, we may disclose personal information to relevant authorities. This could include circumstances when we have to comply with laws and regulations which exist outside of the user’s country of residence.

We may need to disclose personal information to respond to requests from public authorities and officials, to comply with legal processes, to enforce our Terms and Conditions or policies, to protect our operations, to protect our rights, to allow us to pursue legal remedies, or to limit the civil damages we may incur.

Managing and deleting your personal information

You have the right to request the deletion of your personal information. You can also request an electronic copy of all the personal information we have collected about you.

Please note that we cannot comply with requests which reveal information about other people and we cannot delete information which we may be required to keep by law.

Data retention

We use secure encryption to prevent the loss, theft, misuse, and alteration of personal data. Personal information is stored on protected datacenters which are protected by passwords and firewalls, as well as physical security measures.

Personal information is kept for a period of three years, after three years it is automatically deleted. Data retention policies and procedures ensure that we comply with laws and regulations.

Each user acknowledges that it is not the responsibility of our website to guarantee the security of information when they send it via the internet.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without prior notification. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will come into effect from the moment of their publication.

It is each user’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is informed of the terms of the Privacy Policy at the moment of purchasing services or products or services from us.

We are reacheable

You can contact us through this website for any concerns.

Not immigration advise

We are not in the business of providing immigration advise but are acting on your behalf.