Emergency Turkey Visa

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A Turkish emergency visa is issued to foreigners who must travel to Turkey (eVisa for emergencies). You can apply for an emergency Turkey visa if you reside outside Turkey and must travel there urgently.

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

The Emergency Turkey Visa or the Urgent Turkey Visa

A Turkish emergency visa is issued to foreigners who must travel to Turkey (eVisa for emergencies). You can apply for an emergency Turkey visa if you reside outside of Turkey and need to travel there urgently for a cause such as the sudden loss of a loved one, the necessity to appear in court for a legal matter, or the fact that a loved one of yours is actually ill.

If you submit a regular application, your Turkish visa will typically be issued and sent to you through email in 3 days. Nevertheless, it is advised to apply for a visa several weeks prior to the trip. You won't ever be taken off guard just as you prepare to embark on your journey using this method. You lacked the time and resources to do it. Then you can still use the emergency application process to submit a visa application at the last minute.

An emergency visa to Turkey or an emergency Turkish e-Visa application takes a lot less time to prepare for than other visas like the Turkish tourist visa, Turkish business visa, and Turkish medical visa. You would not be eligible for a Turkish crisis visa if you needed to travel to Turkey for reasons like sightseeing, visiting a friend, or attending a difficult relationship. These situations are not regarded as emergencies.

 You must therefore submit applications for numerous visas. One of the features of the essential or emergency Turkish e-visa application is that it can be submitted even on the weekends by individuals who need to go to Turkey due to an emergency or unforeseen scenario.

An Emergency Visa for Turkey may be requested at Turkey visa online website in case of an immediate and pressing need. This could be a family member passing away, a close friend or relative falling ill, or a court appearance. An urgent processing fee is necessary for your emergency e-Visa to Turkey. However, it is not necessary for tourist, business, medical, conference, or medical attendant Turkish visas. 

With this service, you could get a Turkish emergency visa online (e-Visa Turkey) in as little as 24 hours or as much as 72 hours. This is excellent if you need a Turkish visa right quickly and are short on time or have planned a last-minute trip to Turkey.

If a traveler plans to leave the airport, they must get a transit visa for Turkey. Even though they will only be in the city for a short while, transit travelers who wish to explore the city must have a visa.Learn more at Transit Visa for Turkey.

What is the difference between an Emergency Turkey Visa and an Urgent Turkey Visa?

An emergency is when something unanticipated occurs, like a death, an unforeseen illness, or an incident that requires your immediate presence in Turkey.

Most nations can now apply for an electronic Turkish visa (eVisa Turkey) by filling out an online Turkish Visa Application Form for travel, business, conferences, and medical treatment.

An in-person visit to the Turkish Embassy is required for some Emergency visas for Turkey applicants. You cannot wait a long time for your Turkish visa to be obtained if you need to travel to Turkey for business, pleasure, or medical reasons.

It might only take 18 to 24 hours, or it might take 48. The exact date is determined by the number of such cases present at any given time of year, as well as the accessibility of experts in the processing of Emergency Turkish Visas for foreigners entering Turkey. Turkish visas for emergency travellers can be processed by a fast-track team that is available 24/7.

Suppose you have already boarded the aircraft and have submitted your emergency application by smartphone prior to takeoff. In that case, you will almost certainly have the e-visa by the time you land. However, as the e-visa is delivered via email, you will need access to the internet in Turkey in order to get one. Is the internet unavailable in Turkey? There shouldn't be any issues because your passport and Turkish visa are electronically linked. The immigration office thus rarely asks to see a printed copy of your visa.

Pay attention even during an emergency- 

The likelihood of rejection is higher for applications submitted using the expedited application process. This is because those who fill out the application quickly tend to make more mistakes. Give the visa application your full attention as you fill it out. The validity of the visa will end immediately if your name, date of birth, or passport number is misspelt. You must apply for a fresh visa to enter the country (and pay again).

What are the Urgent Turkey Visa Processing Consideration Cases?

If you want an Emergency Turkish Visa or the Urgent Turkey Visa, you should contact your Turkish eVisa Help Desk. Internal management approval is required. You might have to pay extra to use this service. You could be required to go to the Turkish embassy to apply for an emergency visa if a close relative passes away.

You are responsible for wholly and accurately completing the application. Only Turkish National Holidays hinder the processing of Emergency Turkey Visas. Multiple applications shouldn't be submitted simultaneously because one can be deemed redundant.

Ensure you have all the required documentation for the type of visa you desire before submitting your request. Please be aware that lying about needing an emergency appointment during the visa interview could damage your case's credibility.

The following situations will be taken into account when approving the emergency eVisa for travel to Turkey:

Emergency Medical Care-

Getting emergency medical attention is the main reason for travelling, as is following a family member or employer who is getting emergency medical attention.

Required documents: 

  • A letter from your doctor describing your illness and why you're travelling to the nation for treatment.
  • A letter expressing willingness to treat the condition and providing an estimate of the cost of care from a Turkish doctor or hospital.
  • Proof of your payment plans for the therapy.
  • Injury or illness of a family member

Injury or illness of a family member- 

A close relative (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild) who has been critically ill or injured in the US is the reason for the trip.

Documentation needed- 

  • A letter from a doctor or hospital attesting to and describing the illness or damage.
  • Evidence suggesting that the injured or ill person is a close relative.

For funerals or Death -

The trip's objective is to prepare for the repatriation of the body of a close relative to Turkey or to attend the funeral of such a relative (mother, father, brother, sister, kid, grandparent, or grandchild).

Documentation needed -

  • A letter from the funeral director containing their contact information, information on the deceased, and the funeral date.
  • Additionally, you must provide evidence that the deceased was a close relative.

Business-related travel - 

The purpose of the journey is to address an unexpected business issue. Most business trips are not considered emergencies. Please give the reason why you were unable to make advance travel plans.

Documentation necessary-

  • A letter attesting to the significance of the planned visit, outlining the nature of the business and the potential loss if an emergency appointment is not possible, from the appropriate company in Turkey and a letter from any company in your country of residence.


  • Document a crucial training programme in Turkey lasting three months or less, with letters from your current employer and the Turkish organisation providing the training. Both letters should clearly outline the training and explain why the Turkish or your current company will lose a lot of money if an emergency appointment cannot be scheduled.

Students or Exchange Temporary workers or students -

The trip aims to return to Turkey in time to start a new job or school. We anticipate that students and temporary workers will try to schedule frequent inspections during their intended stays in the country. However, under certain conditions, the Embassy will consider emergency appointments for this kind of trip.

Foreign nationals wishing to travel to Turkey for tourist or business purposes can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization called Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa. Learn more at Eligible Countries for Online Turkey Visa.

When does a situation become urgent enough to apply for the Urgent Turkey Visa?

Applications for citizenship, searches of citizenship records for Turkish citizens, resumptions, and applications for citizenship are all expedited if the following documents show the need for urgency:

  • A request has been submitted by the minister of immigration, refugees, and citizenship's office.
  • Due to a death or severe illness in their family, the applicants cannot obtain a passport under their current nationality (which includes the Turkish passport).
  • Because they lack a document verifying their Turkish citizenship, the applicants, who are citizens of Turkey, worry that they may lose their jobs or other chances.
  • A citizenship application delayed due to an administrative error might be successfully appealed to the Federal Court.
  • The applicant is in a situation where postponing their citizenship application may hurt them (for instance, the need to renounce foreign citizenship by a specific date).
  • A citizenship certificate is necessary to receive certain benefits like a pension, a social security number, or health care.

What are the advantages of using the Emergency Turkey Visa to visit Turkey?

The benefits of applying for a Turkish emergency visa through Turkey Visa Online (eVisa Turkey) include completely paperless processing, removing the need to go to a Turkish Embassy, validity for both air and sea routes, payment in more than 133 different currencies, and application processing around-the-clock. You are not required to attend any Turkish government offices or have your passport page stamped.

The Emergency Turkish e-visa is issued in 1 to 3 working days once the application has been correctly filled out, the required reports have been submitted, and the entire application has been submitted.

 If you choose this hotel, you could pay more for a particularly urgent visa. This Urgent Processing or Fast Track Visa Service is available to anyone needing travel, business, medical treatment, conferences, or medical attendants.

What are the things to remember when applying for an Emergency Turkey Visa?

An emergency visa is more challenging to get approved for than other types of visas because it depends on an endorsement. You must give the authorities a copy of the medical clinic's letter in cases involving clinical conditions and fatalities to prove the condition or death. Your request for an emergency visa to Turkey will be rejected if you don't follow these instructions.

Assume full responsibility for accurately giving all contact information, including your phone number, email address, and social media handles.

The Emergency Turkish Visa application is not processed on holidays.

It could take up to four days for the government to decide on a candidate's application if they have multiple real identities, damaged or expired visas, significant or expired visas that are still significant, or multiple visas. The Turkish government will decide on the application filed on this site.

Before you apply for Turkey business visa application, you must have detailed knowledge about business visa requirements. Click here to learn more about eligibility and requirements to enter in Turkey as a business visitor. Learn more at Turkey Business Visa.

Who is eligible to apply for the Emergency Turkey Visa to visit Turkey?

Those who fit the following descriptions are qualified to apply for an online Urgent Turkey visa to visit Turkey:

  • Foreigners with small children who have at least one parent who is a Turkish citizen.
  • Turkish nationals who have foreign spouses.
  • Foreigners without children travelling alone and holding Turkish passports.
  • Overseas students with at least one parent who is a Turkish citizen.
  • Employees with official or service credentials who are accredited to foreign embassies, consulates, or recognised international organisations in Turkey;
  • Foreigners of Turkish heritage need to go to Turkey for a family emergency, such as a medical emergency or the passing of a close relative. Due to this, a person is of Turkish descent if they currently hold a Turkish passport or if their parents formerly held Turkish citizenship.
  • Foreign nationals imprisoned in close neighbours who want to travel to Turkey to reach their final objective; foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in Turkey (including one attendant if requested).
  • Journalist, Business, and Employment are the other categories that are accepted. Such candidates must, however, send the necessary paperwork to obtain specific prior approval.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to postpone making travel plans until they receive the Emergency visa. The fact that you have a ticket won't be considered an emergency, costing you money.

What are the requirements and the process to apply for the Urgent Turkey Visa to visit Turkey?

  • Fill out and complete the Regular or Paper Visa Application Form. If you require it to complete your visa application, please maintain a record of your Tracking ID. After printing your completed application, save the pdf file.
  • Please sign the appropriate places on the application's first and second pages.
  • One recent colour passport-size (2 inches by 2 inches) photo with a full-frontal face and a white background must be included on the visa application form.
  • Address proof must include a Turkish driver's licence, a landline or utility bill specifying the applicant's address, and a lease agreement for a home.

In addition to this, individuals of Turkish descent applying for a visa due to a medical emergency or the passing of a close relative must also present the following documents: 

  • a previously held Turkish passport, 
  • the most recent doctor's note, hospital paper, or death certificate of the relative who is ill or who passed away in Turkey. 
  • a copy of the Turkish passport or other ID proof of the patient (to establish a relationship);
  • if the patient is a grandchild, please provide the patient's ID and the parent's passports to establish the relationship.

For a minor child, the applicant must also provide the following documents: a birth certificate with the names of both parents; a consent form signed by both parents; copies of both parents' Turkish passports or a copy of one parent's Turkish passport with OCI; a marriage certificate (if neither parent's name appears on a Turkish passport); and copies of both parents' Turkish passports.

A Turkish doctor's letter recommending treatment in Turkey and an acceptance letter from a Turkish hospital outlining the patient's name, information, and passport number are required documents for self-administered medical visa applicants.

A note from the hospital stating that a medical attendant is required, along with the attendant's name, contact information, passport number, and the patient's relationship with the attendant. 

The approval of an Online Turkey Visa is not always a given, though. Several things, such as giving false information on the online form and concerns that the applicant would overstay their visa, might cause the Online Turkey Visa application to be refused. Learn more at How to Avoid Turkey Visa Rejection.

What other Emergency Turkey Visa-related information you must know?

Please bear the following in mind. -

  • Visas are frequently granted based on a passport or other kind of identification.
  • At least 190 days must elapse before the passport expires.
  • Due to COVID-19, the Consulate can only grant visas with a 3-month validity period starting on the day of issuance. Therefore, it is advised that applicants apply for visas closer to their journey to Turkey.
  • The Turkish Consulate General retains the right to delay, modify the period, or deny visas without providing a reason. Following a series of examinations and certifications, visas are granted. An application for a visa may be accepted, but that does not guarantee that it will be approved.
  • In addition to their current passport, former Turkish passport holders must present a Surrender Certificate or their abandoned Turkish passport. If the applicant hasn't already done so, he or she should surrender their passport in their present place of residency if they want to stay in the country longer than the 3-month visa validity period.
  • No refunds will be given for fees already paid, even if a visa request is rejected or an application is withdrawn.
  • An applicant would be obliged to pay a specific amount as a consular surcharge on top of the statutory price.
  • A vaccine is not required to visit Turkey. However, visitors entering the nation from or passing through areas where yellow fever is a problem must have a current Yellow Fever vaccination record.
  • Because passports are used to issue and attach visas, passports must be supplied along with the application.
  • If all required paperwork is present, visas on emergency grounds are typically handled at the consulate on the same day.

What is an Emergency Turkey Visa Online?

An official document that allows you to enter Turkey is the eTA system. Citizens of eligible nations can swiftly obtain an e-Visa for Turkey through an online application form. Getting an online eTA for Turkey is simpler than getting a conventional visa because applicants do not have to go to an embassy or consulate to complete the application. 

Processing an online Turkey visa application could take up to 24 hours. Once approved, the emergency e-Visa is sent immediately to the applicant's email address.

The entire application process is conducted online. Simple online eTA application completion and payment with a credit or debit card are required of applicants. The process only needs a few minutes to be finished.

Any nationality (listed below) eligible for an eTA and entering Turkey by air must have one. Some people can enter Turkey by crossing the US border with only their passports. Other countries must apply for a visa through an embassy or consulate since they are ineligible for the eTA.

If a traveler plans to leave the airport, they must get a transit visa for Turkey. Even though they will only be in the city for a short while, transit travelers who wish to explore the city must have a visa.Learn more at Transit Visa for Turkey.

Which countries are eligible for the Urgent Turkey Visa Online or the Emergency Turkey ETA?

Given below is a list of countries eligible for the Emergency Turkey ETA or the Urgent Turkey Visa:









Dominican Republic



Hong Kong BNO






St Lucia

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Saudi Arabia

South Africa


United Arab Emirates

United States of America

The following countries are eligible for the single entry Turkey ETA that lasts 30 days –









Burkina Faso




Cape Verde

Central African Republic



Cote D’Ivoire

Democratic Republic of Congo


East Timor


Equatorial Guinea









Greek Cypriot Administration


















Palestinian Territory


Republic of Congo


São Tomé and Príncipe


Sierra Leone

Solomon Islands


Sri Lanka












Some nationalities allowed to enter Turkey without a visa are:

All EU citizens




New Zealand



United Kingdom

Please apply for a Online Turkey Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.