How To Travel to Turkey for Business Purposes 

For all foreign business travellers who wish to pursue business related purposes in Turkey, this post provides important information about how they can conduct business visits to Turkey, travel to Turkey for the purpose of business, the requirements to obtain a Turkish Visa and much more. 

Turkey is an incredible country which has made its spot in the top nations for travel and tourism. Along with travel and tourism, Turkey is a wealthy country which is known for its business and work opportunities for visitors that travel to the country from foreign nations.

Business trips to Turkey have increased significantly in the past years. With each passing year, the number of visitors entering Turkey for the purpose of business keeps increasing exponentially. This all because Turkey is an incredible country with numerous growth opportunities for thousands of foreign organisations and business enthusiasts. 

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Who Is a Business Visitor in Turkey? 

A business visitor, in simple terms, is a person that takes trips to Turkey for the purpose of international business activities. But that person does not stay permanently in Turkey. They just enter and exit from the country for the purpose of fulfilling business-related activities in the country. 

The visitors who take trips to Turkey for the purpose of searching for a job opportunity in the country will not be considered as a business visitor. For working in an organisation of Turkey, the visitor will have to obtain a Turkey Work Permit. 

Other than that, the travellers who travel to Turkey for the purpose of business will have to apply for a different kind of Turkish Visa. 

Travellers from several countries travelling to Turkey are required to obtain a Turkey visa for being eligible for entry. As a part of this, citizens from 50 countries are now eligible to apply for the Online Turkey visa. Moreover, applicants who are eligible to apply for the Online Turkey visa, will not have the requirement to visit a Turkish embassy or consulate in person to apply for the visa. Learn more at Turkey Business Visa.

What Are the Different Activities That the Business Visitor Can Indulge In While They Are Residing In Turkey? 

The travellers whose prime motive of visiting Turkey is to indulge in various business-related activities in the country with business partners and owners will be permitted to indulge in the following activities in Turkey: 

  1. Meeting and negotiations: The foreign traveller who is taking a trip to Turkey from their foreign nation should note that they will be given an entry in Turkey if their motive of staying in Turkey is attending business meetings and business negotiations. 
  2. Fairs and conventions: Another business-related purpose for which travellers will be granted permission to enter and stay in Turkey is to attend business and industrial fairs, conventions, and congresses. 
  3. Courses and training: If the applicant can get an invitation from a company or organisation in Turkey, then they can attend courses or training in the country. 
  4. Site visits: The business visitor will be allowed to take a visit to the sites whose owners belong to the organisation of the business traveller. Apart from that, they can take a trip to the investment sites as well in which they may find potential for future investments and business opportunities. 
  5. Trading commodities and services: As a business visitor, the traveller will be enabled to indulge in the trading of commodities and services. This should be done on the behalf of a company. Or a foreign Government.

Foreign nationals wishing to travel to Turkey for tourist or business purposes must either apply for regular or traditional visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization called Turkey e-Visa. While obtaining a traditional Turkey Visa involves visiting the nearest Turkey embassy or consulate, citizens from eligible countries can obtain an e-Visa for Turkey by completing a simple Online Turkey Visa application form. Learn more at Eligible Countries for Online Turkey Visa.

What Will the Business Visitor Require for Entering Turkey? 

To take a Trip to Turkey for the purpose of business activities, the applicant will be required to hold the following documents: 

  • The first document needed to travel to Turkey for the purpose of business is: a valid passport. This passport should be an original one that is valid for a period of six months. Generally, the validity of the applicant's passport is calculated from the date on which they take entrance in Turkey. 
  • The second document needed to travel to Turkey for the purpose of business is: valid Turkish Visa. The applicant will have to take a trip to Turkey with a valid Visa. This Visa can be an Turkey E-Visa or a business Visa. Since the Turkish electronic Visa is granted to the passport holders of limited nations, the business traveller should check the requirements and eligibility criteria of the E-Visa before they start applying for one. 

Entering Turkey via land is comparable to doing so via another mode of transportation, either by sea or through one of its major international airports. When arriving at one of the several land border crossing inspection sites, visitors must present the proper identification documents. Learn more at Entering Turkey by Land.

What Kind of Turkish Visa Will the Business Visitor Require To Enter And Stay In Turkey? 

To enter and stay in Turkey with a valid Turkish Visa, the applicants are recommended to apply for a Turkey E-Visa as it is one of the best Visas for fulfilling business related motives in Turkey. The business visitor will be permitted to indulge in different business activities with the Turkey E-Visa which are

1. Attending business meetings and negotiations. 2. Being a part of business fairs, conventions, and congresses. 3. Getting enrolled in any courses or training related to business for which an invitation is given by an organisation that is in Turkey. 4. Attending site visits for a company. Or potential industry visits. 5. Indulging in the trading of goods, services, and commodities. 

The travellers will have to note that they can only travel to Turkey for the purpose of business- and business-related activities. No paid work will be allowed on the Turkey E-Visa in the country. 

The Turkish electronic Visa will remain valid for a period of one hundred and eighty days. These days will be calculated from the date on which the applicant has submitted their application. 

The specifications of the Visa, its validity and other aspects are dependent on the nationality of the traveller. 

The Visa granted to the business traveller will either be a single-entry Visa or a multiple-entry Visa which is again dependent on the nationality of the traveller. Along with that, the traveller will either be allowed to stay in the country for a period of thirty days or a period of ninety days.

The travellers whose nation is listed under the eligible countries for a Turkey E-Visa can obtain an electronic Visa easily by filling out an online application form anytime and anywhere they want. 

The Turkish electronic Visa comes with multiple benefits which are: 

  • The procedure of application of a Turkey E-Visa is quick and simple. The process is extremely straightforward too due to which the applicants will not have to put a lot of effort in understanding the application process. 
  • Since the process of applying for a Turkey E-Visa will not need the applicant to take a trip to the Turkish Embassy or the consulate general office, the application submission can be carried from the applicant's home or workplace on any smart device that is available with them like a smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.
  • The applicant, when they apply for a Turkey E-Visa, will receive an approved Visa on their email address. All the applicant will have to do after receiving their Visa in email is to print out and submit it to the border officials at the Turkish border crossings. 

This means that the traveller will not have to go through the hassle of waiting in a long line or a long queue at the airport immigration Department to obtain a Turkish Visa stamp upon their arrival in the country. 

The applicants are requested to check out the eligibility criteria and requirements before they commence the procedures of applying for a Turkey E-Visa. This will help them know whether they are eligible to apply for a Turkey E-Visa. If the applicant belongs to a nation that is not eligible to obtain a Turkish electronic Visa, the applicant will have to travel to a Turkish Embassy to apply for a Visa for Turkey. 

The applicants who are not eligible to get a Turkey E-Visa for the purpose of business activities as they wish to reside in the country for a period longer than what is mentioned on their Turkey E-Visa. Or the travellers who aim at doing paid work in Turkey will have to apply for a business Visa and Work Permit respectively. 

Visas for the purpose of conducting business activities in Turkey can be obtained from the Turkish Embassy in-person. Some of the most important documents required to apply for a Business Visa via the Turkish Embassy or the consulate general office are: 

  1. A passport. This passport should have adequate validity as set by the Turkish Embassy or the consulate office through which the applicant is applying for a Business Visa. If the passport does not have enough validity, the applicant will have to apply for a new passport before they apply for a Turkish business Visa. 
  2. An invitation letter. The business visitor will have to hold an invitation letter that is issued to them from the side of an organisation located in Turkey. It can be an invitation letter from an organisation that is hosting the applicant's visit. 

The Schengen Zone Agreement Between Turkey and the EU Schengen Visa Holders has opened numerous options - Many travelers may not realize that these rights apply outside of the EU. One such country that grants this type of visa holder preference access is Turkey. Learn more at Obtaining A Schengen Visa to Enter Turkey.

How To Apply for A Turkish Electronic Visa For Travelling To Turkey For Business Purposes? 

To travel to Turkey for the purpose of business, the visitors can obtain a Turkey E-Visa which is one of the most simple and speedy way of obtaining a valid Visa for travelling to Turkey. These are steps that should be completed to get a Turkey E-Visa for the purpose of business in Turkey: 

  • The first step that should be completed to apply for a Turkey E-Visa for the purpose of conducting business related activities in Turkey is to fill out an application form. 

This form will need the applicant to mention various personal, passport, contact and travel related details that should be filled with the utmost honesty, accuracy and clarity. 

  • The second step that should be completed to apply for a Turkey E-Visa for the purpose of conducting business related activities in Turkey is to pay the Turkey E-Visa fees. 

On each Turkish electronic Visa, the business visitors will need to pay a specific fee. This fee should be filled before the applicant submits their application form for the Turkey E-Visa. 

The Turkish authorities require each applicant to make secure and protected payment for their Turkish electronic Visa. And some of the most secure and safe mediums of paying the Turkey E-Visa fees is credits cards, debit cards, etc. Once the payment has been made, the applicant will receive confirmation about it. 

  • The third step that should be completed to apply for a Turkey E-Visa for the purpose of conducting business related activities in Turkey is to print out the E-Visa. 

Once the applicant pays the Turkey E-Visa fees and submits the application for it, they will have to wait for its processing and approval process to get over. 

After the procedures for approval is over and the Visa has been granted to the applicant, they will receive it in their email inbox. 

This Visa should be printed on a piece of paper by the applicant. And should be bought with them on their trip to Turkey along with their valid and original passport. 

Once the applicant submits their application for the Turkey E-Visa, it will go for processing and approval from the side of the Turkish authorities. The number of hours in which the processing process for a Turkey E-Visa gets over is twenty-four hours. 

This will only happen if the applicant has made sure that all the details and information mentioned on their application form is correct and accurate. Many priority services will enable the processing process of the Turkey E-Visa to get over in one hour from the time of application. 

Moreover, the applicants should make sure that the documents carried with them on their trip to Turkey are correct or else the authorities at the border crossings of Turkey can reject the application of the applicant due to the submission of false documents. 

This can be avoided by ensuring the applicant has read all the essential documentation requirements before they start the procedures for applying for a Turkey E-Visa. 

Turkey e-Visa, or Turkey Electronic Travel Authorization, is a mandatory travel documents for citizens of visa-exempt countries. If you are a citizen of a Turkey e-Visa eligible country, you will need Turkey Visa Online for layover or transit, or for tourism and sightseeing, or for business purposes. Learn more at Turkey Visa Application Overview, Online Form - Turkey E Visa.

What Are the Best Business Travel Cities in Turkey? 

Just like how the cities of Turkey: Istanbul and Ankara is prominent for travel and tourism, they are also a well-known destinations for business travel and visits. A huge number of travellers take numerous trips to these cities for fulfilling not only business activities but other work-related activities as well. 

Since Ankara is the capital of Turkey, it is also an administrative hub. Most business visitors prefer to travel to Ankara directly. The Ankara Esenboga Airport enables many travellers to land directly in the capital city. 

From more than three hundred and fifty countries, Turkey welcomes tons of business visitors each year. 

A Turkey visa online or the e-Visa for Turkey can be obtained by citizens of more than 50 different nations. It's crucial to understand how long you may remain in the nation if you have a visa that you obtained online and are travelling. Learn more at Online Turkey Visa Validity.

How To Travel to Turkey For Business Purposes Summary 

Conducting business activities in Turkey has become extremely easy all thanks to the Turkish electronic Visa system. Through this system, business visitors can obtain a valid Turkey E-Visa for travelling to Turkey. 

Since Turkey is an excellent nation to conduct business- and business-related activities, many visitors are recommended to choose Turkey as a business destination for fulfilling their business-related motives and dreams. 

It is typical for tourists to want to extend or renew their Turkish visas while they are in the country. There are several alternatives available to tourists depending on their specific needs. Additionally, visitors must ensure they do not overstay their visas when attempting to extend or renew a Turkish one. This may be against immigration regulations, resulting in fines or other penalties. Learn more at How to Renew or Extend Turkey Visa.

Check your eligibility for Online Turkey Visa and apply for Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa 3 (three) days in advance of your flight. American citizens, Australian citizens, Chinese citizens, Canadian citizens, South African citizens, Mexican citizens, and Emiratis (UAE citizens), can apply online for Electronic Turkey Visa. Should you need any help or require any clarifications you should contact our Online Turkey Visa helpdesk for support and guidance.