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Evisa for Turkey Eligibility Criterias

  • Nationals of Bhutan are now eligible to apply for Electronic Online Turkish Visa
  • When Turkey eVisa was launch, it was supported at the very commencement stage by Bhutan for the Online Turkish Visa Program
  • Expedited, prompt and easy entry into Turkey is possible for the citizens of Bhutan as the Turkish Online Visa Program is tailor made for rapid approval process for Bhutanese nationals

Secondary Requirements for Online Turkish Visa Program

  • It requires no visit to the embassy, consulate or any physical building or Government office for Bhutanese citizens who can easily avail an Online Turkish Visa
  • Bhutanese citizens have the privilege to fly by air, cruise by land or travel by road to avail the benefit of eVisa Turkey or Online Turkish Visa. In other words, this eVisa Turkey is valid on Land, Air and Sea
  • Some citizens can enter for Single Entry and some for Multiple Entry. This Online Turkey Visa is useful for many types of trips such as tourism, business or transit.

What is the significance of Turkey eVisa for Bhutanese citizens ?

An Turkey eVisa is an electronic travel authorisation which allows entry into the respective country for a specific period of time.

An Turkey eVisa can be used as a replacement for traditional or stamped visas for visitors wanting to visit a country for a short period of time. Unlike traditional visa application, Turkey eVisa application is an all online process.

Can I visit Turkey with a Turkey eVisa as Bhutanese national?

Anyone with a valid Turkey eVisa of Turkey can visit the country until its date of expiry or the date of expiry of passport, whichever is earlier.

For short term visit to Turkey, you can use your Turkey eVisa at multiple trips to stay within the country for a period upto 3 months on each visit.

Do I need a Traditional Visa or an Turkey eVisa to visit Turkey as a citizen of Bhutan?

Depending on the purpose and duration of your visit to Turkey, you can either apply for an Turkey eVisa or a traditional visa. An Turkey eVisa would only allow you to stay within Turkey upto 3 months. You can use your Turkey eVisa for multiple visits until its expiry date. Your Turkey eVisa can also be used for business trips or tourism to a country.

Who is eligible for Turkey eVisa?

Anyone of the eligible countries with a valid passport can apply for an Turkey eVisa to visit Turkey for a period upto 90 days. Turkey Turkey eVisa would allow multiple entry to visitors and in most cases your Turkey eVisa would be valid for a period up to 180 days. Here you can easily check the eligibility of your country for a Turkey Turkish eVisa.

As Bhutanese citizen how can I Visit Turkey with an eVisa ?

A passenger with an Turkey eVisa for Turkey would need to present the proof of their Turkey eVisa along with other necessary documents at the point of arrival in Turkey whether travelling by air or sea route.

What is the procedure for Bhutanese national to get an Turkey eVisa for Turkey?

If you want to visit Turkey with an Turkey eVisa then you would need to fill the online Turkey eVisa application form correctly. Your Turkey eVisa application request would be processed within a period of 1-2 business days. Turkey Turkey eVisa is an all online application process and you would receive your Turkey eVisa by email. Here you can apply for an Turkish eVisa.

What is the process to apply for a Turkey eVisa for Bhutanese citizen?

You can visit this page to apply for Turkish eVisa for Turkey and avoid the hassle of waiting for a traditional visa application.

What documents do I need for my Turkey eVisa application as Bhutanese national?

You will need a valid passport of a Turkey eVisa eligible country with at least 180 days of validity before the date of your arrival to Turkey. You might also present a valid national identity card on your arrival. A supporting document might also be asked in some cases which is a residence permit or a Schengen, US, UK or Ireland visa.

As Bhutanese citizen, how long will my Turkey eVisa application take to process?

A Turkey eVisa application usually takes 1-2 business days to process. Depending on the accuracy of information provided in your application form your Turkey eVisa request would be processed within 1-2 days.

For Bhutanese citizen, can I visit Turkey on a different date than mentioned on my Turkey eVisa?

You can visit Turkey on a different date than mentioned on your Turkey eVisa application. Although you may choose to plan your visit on a later date range than mentioned on your Turkey eVisa for Turkey.

As Bhutanese national, how can I apply for a change of travel date on my Turkey eVisa?

You cannot change your travel date on your approved Turkey eVisa application form. However, you may apply for another Turkey eVisa using the date of arrival as per your choice.

How long is the validity of Turkey eVisa for Bhutanese nationals?

A Turkey eVisa to Turkey would allow you to visit the country for a period upto 90 days for some natinalities and for 30 days for others You may use your Turkey eVisa for multiple visits to the country with a validity of stay upto 3 months on each visit or a single visit as per the final approval email of Turkey eVisa to you.

Do children also need to apply for a Turkey eVisa from Bhutan?

A separate Turkey eVisa is to be presented by each passenger on arrival to Turkey using electronic travel authorisation. If you are not on Turkey's visa exemption list, then adults along with minors will need to present an individual Turkey eVisa on arrival by either air or cruise ship.

I am travelling with my family. Do they also need to apply for a Turkey eVisa ?

Yes, each and every passenger arriving at Turkey will need to present a seperate Turkey eVisa on arrival including minors.

In case of a family of 2-10 people you may fill out the Turkey Turkey eVisa family application form on the behalf of those accompanying you. All family members must:

  • Belong to the same nationality.
  • Carry the same type of travel document as proof on arrival.
  • Have the same date of arrival selected on their Turkey eVisa application form.

Persons travelling with other family members may choose to enter Turkey on a different date than mentioned on their Turkish eVisa, as long as the date of arrival remains within the validity of Turkish eVisa.

How to fill a family application form for Turkey Turkish eVisa?

The process to apply for Turkey Turkey eVisa family application is similar to the individual application process. You can apply for individual application while filling a family application form for Turkey Turkish eVisa. Each application is filed individually and there is no group application for a single family.

Why I cannot find the space for a middle name entry on my Turkey eVisa application form?

Your Turkey eVisa application form may not display space for filling out the middle name. In this case you can use the available space in the 'Full Name' section to fill your middle name. Make sure to use space between your first name and middle name.

Do transit passengers from Bhutan also need to apply for Turkey eVisa?

No, transit passengers need not apply for a Turkey eVisa if they plan to stay within the international transit area. In case transit passengers want to explore nearby areas for travel purposes, they need not obtain a visa for their stay upto 72 hours.

A transit area is a place for transit passengers to easily transit between two countries before arriving at their final destination. A transit area can be an airport or a sea port and all transit passengers need to remain within this area while transiting.

According to April 2014 Law of Foreigners and International Protection, passengers can visit nearby tourist attractions upto 72 hours at sea ports while transiting, without needing a visa.

How long will my Turkey eVisa for Turkey remain valid?

In most cases your Turkey eVisa for Turkey will remain valid for a period of 180 days. Turkey eVisa is a multiple entry authorisation. However, in case of certain nationalities your Turkey eVisa may only allow you to stay in Turkey for 30 days under single entry case.

My Turkey eVisa for Turkey has expired. Can I reapply for Turkey eVisa for Turkey?

If you have extended your stay in Turkey beyond 180 days then you would need to leave the country and then reapply for another Turkey eVisa for your visit. Overstated the date mentioned your Turkey eVisa may involve fines, penalties and future travel bans.

You will immediately need to leave Turkey in ase you have stayed beyond the expiry mentioned on your Turkish eVisa.

In case of emergency to stay within Turkey you must apply for a residence permit at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management to avoid deportation, fines or travel bans.

What is the processing fee of Turkey Turkey eVisa application as an Bhutanese citizen?

Your Turkey eVisa application fee for visiting Turkey will depend upon the duration of your visit, country mentioned in your application and travel document provided in the application form.

How can I pay for my Turkey eVisa application fee?

You can use either a valid debit or credit card to pay for your Turkey eVisa application. It is best recommended to use a MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay for quick payment. In case you face payment related issues, try paying at a different time or with a different debit or credit card.

I want a refund of my Turkey eVisa application fee. What should I do?

Once the Turkey eVisa application processing amount has been deducted from your debit or credit card, then you cannot get a refund under any circumstance. In case your travel plans to visit Turkey have been cancelled, you will not be able to get a refund for the same.

How can I cancel my Turkey eVisa for Turkey?

Turkey eVisa application fee is non refundable under all circumstances. Application fee cannot be refunded for an unused Turkish eVisa.

Information on my Turkey eVisa application does not match my travel documents. Will I still be allowed entry to Turkey in such a case as Bhutanese national?

No, any discrepancy or mismatch in your travel document on arrival and information on your Turkey eVisa application would not permit you to enter Turkey with an Turkish eVisa. In this case you will have to reapply for an Turkey eVisa to visit Turkey.

Which airline companies can I choose to travel to Turkey with my Turkey eVisa as Bhutanese citizen?

If you belong to a list of certain countries under the Turkish Foreign ministry then you might need to travel only with the airline companies which have signed protocol with the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Under this policy, Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, Atlasglobal Airlines and Pegasus Airlines are some of the companies which have signed agreements with the Turkish government.

Here you can find out if your country is bound by this policy to visit Turkey. This list of airlines is subject to change.

Why have I not received any response to my Turkey eVisa application as Bhutanese national?

Usually you will receive a response to your Turkey eVisa application within 72 hours of applying.

After getting confirmation of submission of your application form you can check the status of your application in the link provided in the email address.

In case of a delay of more than 72 hours your application dashboard will show relevant reasons for the same along with the time to contact the officials for resolving your issue.

Will an Turkey eVisa guarantee my entry in Turkey as Bhutanese citizen?

A Turkey eVisa only acts as an authorization to visit Turkey and not as a guarantee to enter the country. Any foreigner wanting to enter Turkey may be denied entry by immigration officials at the point of arrival on the grounds of suspicious behaviours, threat to citizens or other security related reasons.

Read about full Online Turkey Visa Requirements

What COVID precautions do I need to take before applying for an Turkey eVisa for Turkey from Bhutan?

Although your Turkey eVisa application for Turkey will be processed regardless of your vaccination status, do take certain precautions before visiting a foreign country. Citizens belonging to a high yellow fever transition rate and who are eligible for an Turkey eVisa to Turkey would need to present a proof of vaccination at the point of their arrival in Turkey.

Can I use my Turkey eVisa to visit Turkey for the purpose of research/documentary project/ an archaeological study if coming from Bhutan?

An Turkey eVisa for Turkey can only be used as an authorization to visit the country for short term tourism or business related visits.

However, if you wish to visit Turkey for other specific purposes then you would need to get permission from Turkey's embassy in your country.

You would need permission from relevant authorities if your visit involves any other purpose than travel or trade within Turkey.

If coming from Bhutan, is it safe to provide my information on Turkey Turkey eVisa application form?

Your personal information provided in your Turkey eVisa application form is stored in an secure database avoiding risks of any cyber attacks.

Information provided in your application is only used for Turkey eVisa processing and is not made public for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

How many countries are eligible to apply for a Turkey Turkish eVisa?

Check the home page of this website. If you are a citizen of one of the listed countries then you are eligible to apply for an Turkey eVisa for Turkey.

Your Turkey eVisa will remain valid for 180 days and would allow you to stay within Turkey up to 90 consecutive days within this period. However, the condition of stay period might change in case of certain nationalities.

What is Conditional Turkey Turkish eVisa?

If you belong to one of the following countries then your Turkey eVisa for Turkey would only allow you single time entry within Turkey for a period of 30 days.

A conditional Turkey eVisa for Turkey is only eligible for:

  • Passport holders of these countries.
  • All visitors from these countries must hold a tourist visa from one of the Schengen countries, Ireland, US or UK.


  • All visitors from these nations must have a residence permit from one of Schengen countries, US, UK or Ireland.

Can I use my Turkey eVisa for a medical visit to Turkey as Bhutanese citizen?

No, since an Turkey eVisa can only be used for the purpose of tourism or trade within Turkey. According to April 2016 Law on Foreigners and International Protection, visitors must be travelling with valid medical insurance throughout their trip. An Turkey eVisa cannot be used for the purpose of medical visit to the country.

How long will I be allowed to stay in Turkey with my Turkey eVisa as Bhutanese citizen?

You will be allowed to stay within Turkey for a period of up to 30 days or 90 days, out of 180 days within the Turkey eVisa validity period.

In case of multiple visits, each visit would allow you to stay in Turkey upto 90 days within 180 days time until the expiry of your Turkey eVisa or passport; whichever is earlier. Check your nationality on the home page and latest guidelines whether you are eligible a single visit or multiple visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Turkey Visa Online

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Please apply for a Online Turkey Visa (or Turkey e-Visa) within 72 hours of your date of departure.