The Turkish Electronic Visa for Iraqi Citizens 

The nationals of Iraq are required to hold a valid Turkey Visa before they plan to enter the country. Iraqis who are successful in meeting the required eligibility criteria for a Turkey E-Visa should apply for an E-Visa since it is one of the most convenient and quick ways of getting a Visa for travelling to Turkey. 

The Turkish electronic Visa system ensures that the applicant can get a valid travel authorization to Turkey without having to take a long trip to the Turkish Embassy or the consulate general office.

This post aims at providing a complete guide for the application of a Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens. Moreover, the applicants will be able to learn about the Turkey E-Visa requirements and how they can avoid delays in the processing process or cancellation of their Turkey E-Visa.

Why Is Turkey the Best Tourist Destination for Iraqi Citizens?

Counting the reasons why Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations for the Iraqi nationals is equivalent to counting stars in the sky. With an abundance of tourist attractions and spots in Turkey, we are here to tell each Iraqi applicant about the best reasons why Turkey should be on their list of countries to visit next!

Lip-Smacking Cuisine 

Each city and area in Turkey has a varied and special kitchen culture. From ingredients to recipes, each aspect of Turkish cuisine is carefully created to provide the best culinary experience to the food lovers from across the world.

There is no doubt that Turkey is well-known for its Kebabs and mouth-watering desserts that are too irresistible. But Turkish cuisine comprises much more than that.

Turkish cuisine offers a wide range of seafood dishes, a planet of desserts, endless breakfast options and much more to savour while the traveller is having some of the best time in Turkey.

Attractive Beaches

While in Turkey, travellers should not miss out on any opportunity to delve into some of the most attractive beaches in the world. These are the most popular cities in Turkey where travellers will find the best beaches to take a quick dive in:

  • Bodrum 
  • Antalya 
  • Izmir 
  • Fethiye 

If the Iraqi citizen is a huge fan of beach parties, then Turkey is the best location for them as the beach parties held at the Turkish beaches are not only filled with delicious food and colourful drinks, but it is also filled with joy and excitement from fellow party goers.

The People Of Turkey 

We understand that one of the most important aspects of visiting a foreign country is to know about the locals or residents of the country. Fortunately, Turkish people are some of the most courteous and hospitable people a traveller will ever come across.

The prime reason why Turkey is an extremely hospitable country is due to the fact that the people in Turkey are pretty welcoming. Travellers will find themselves getting invited for lunch and dinner very often at the homes of kind Turkish locals.

Moreover, visitors will often be welcomed and entertained with free samples of the product selling when they visit any Turkish shops.

Striking Museums and Archaeological Sites 

In Turkish museums which are some of the best museums in the world, visitors will find incredible preserved discoveries from the various archeological locations across the country.

Speaking of Archaeological locations, the archaeological sites in Turkey will provide some of the best experiences and knowledge about the ancient empires and civilization of Turkey that dates back hundreds of years.

Do The Iraqi Nationals Require To Possess A Turkey Visa For Entering Turkey?


Iraqi nationals will be needed to apply for a Turkey E-Visa if they wish to enter and reside in the country for a specific period. This includes short stays as well since only those travellers can enter Turkey without a Visa who are exempted from getting a Turkey E-Visa.

With an E-Visa obtained through the Turkish electronic Visa system, the travellers will be enabled to enter and stay in Turkey for a period of thirty days. Since this is a single-entry travel permit, the traveller will be allowed to enter the country once with the Turkey E-Visa.

Please note that this electronic travel permit can be used for purposes like: 1. Travel and tourism in Turkey. 2. Business activities.

If one month of stay is not sufficient for the applicant, then they are suggested to apply for a Turkey Visa through the Turkish Embassy or other mediums of application. This applies to that situation also where the applicant wants to stay in Turkey for purposes apart from travel and tourism and business activities.

Which Documents Are Needed By The Iraqi Citizens To Apply For A Turkey E-Visa?

Visitors from Iraq to Turkey, who are getting a Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens, should gather the following documents for the successful application of a Turkey E-Visa:

  • Passport. This passport should be issued by the Government of Turkey. Moreover, the number of days for which this passport should remain valid is a minimum of 0.5 months. 
  • Schengen member. The applicant can be a Schengen member. Or they should hold a valid Visa from nations like the United Kingdom, United States or Ireland. A residence permit will also work. 
  • Debit card or credit card. For successful payment of the Turkey E-Visa, the applicant will have to use a credit card or a debit card that is issued from any major banks. 

The passport holders of Iraq will be required to make a submission of the Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens application form. This form should be submitted with supporting documents. Please note that paperwork submission will happen digitally only.

What Is the Turkish Electronic Visa Application For The Iraqi Citizens?

To get a Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens successfully, an application form should be filled. This process of filling an application form for the Turkey E-Visa should be the first thing that the Iraqi applicant should do when they are applying for a Turkey E-Visa. 

Usually, this form will need the applicants to fill basic personal details, passport information, travel itinerary, etc which will not take more than 10 or 20 minutes of the applicant's time.

This form filling process should be completed by all the applicants of the Turkey E-Visa for both travel and tourism purposes and business purposes as well.

The Iraqi citizens will need to fill the following information in the application form for getting a Turkey E-Visa:

  • Given name and surname. 
  • Place of birth date of birth. 
  • Iraqi passport number.
  • Iraqi passport date of issue. 
  • Iraqi passport date of expiry. 
  •  Registered email address 
  • Mobile phone and other contact details. 

The nationals of Iraq will also need to fill in a couple of security related questions which should be filled with the utmost honesty and truthfulness from the applicant.

Usually, the security questions are about the past criminal record of the applicant and other aspects to ensure the applicant's safety in Turkey and the safety of the residents of Turkey as well.

Turkey e-Visa, or Turkey Electronic Travel Authorization, is a mandatory travel documents for citizens of visa-exempt countries. If you are a citizen of a Turkey e-Visa eligible country, you will need Turkey Visa Online for layover or transit, or for tourism and sightseeing, or for business purposes. Learn more at Turkey Visa Application Overview, Online Form - Turkey E Visa.

What Are the Entry Requirements That The Iraqi Citizens Are Supposed To Follow?

The nationals of Iraq, who are planning to enter Turkey with a Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens should be in possession of the following documents to get entrance in the country with the E-Visa:

  1. A valid passport that is issued from the side of the Iraqi Government.
  2. Valid Turkish electronic Visa document that has been printed out. 
  3. A valid Visa or a residence permit belonging to nations such: 1. United Kingdom. 2. United States. 3. Ireland. 4. Schengen countries. 

At the Turkish borders, where the traveller decides to enter the country, the documents held by them will be verified by the concerned Turkish authorities. The Turkey E-Visa will not guarantee the entrance of the traveller in Turkey.

The final decision of whether the applicant is allowed in Turkey with the E-Visa or not will be made by the Turkish authorities at the border. Even with the Turkish electronic Visa, many travellers fail to get entrance in Turkey due to multiple reasons.

Tourists from Iraq who are travelling to Turkey with the Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens should read all the necessary travel guidelines and restrictions before they start their trip to Turkey. No matter what city in Iraq they are travelling from, being informed about the travel guidelines is a necessity.

Many times, certain Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines may be in place. So it is ideal for the travellers to be aware of it and travel accordingly. 

How Can Iraqi Nationals Obtain A Turkey E-Visa From Iraq?

Getting a Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens is a process whose application time is just ten to twenty minutes. To request the approval of a Turkey E-Visa, here are the most important steps that should be followed by the Iraqi passport holders:

Step 1: Fill Out the Turkey E-Visa Application Form For Iraqi Citizens

The first step in the process of applying for a Turkish electronic Visa for the Iraqi nationals from Iraq is to fill out the Turkey E-Visa application form.

Since no traveller will get a Turkey without this application form, filling it out is an extremely essential step that should be avoided at any cost.

The application is simply a form with various sections will variously question fields that will need the Iraqi applicants to fill out various information like:

  • Given name and surname of the applicant that should be copied in the same order as what is mentioned in their original passport. 
  • Place and date of birth of the applicant. This field should be filled in the format DD/MM/YYYY. 
  • Iraqi passport number of the applicant that is mentioned at the end of their Iraqi passport.
  • Iraqi passport date of issue of the applicant mentioning the date on which the passport was issued by the Government of Iraq.
  • Iraqi passport date of expiry which mentions the date on which the passport will expire. 
  • Email address which should be recently used to get confirmation updates of the Turkey E-Visa. 
  • Mobile phone of the applicant filling the Turkey E-Visa application. 

Step 2: Pay The Turkey E-Visa Application Fees And Get Payment Confirmation 

The second step in the process of applying for a Turkish electronic Visa for the Iraqi nationals from Iraq is to pay the Turkey E-Visa application fees and get a confirmation about the same in the email inbox.

Submitting the application form after filling it will only be made possible once the applicant is successful in paying the Turkey E-Visa application fee.

To pay the application fee which is compulsory, the applicant will have to use their credit cards or debit cards that are issued from a major bank.

Once the payment has been done, the confirmation of the same will be sent on the applicant's email address that they had mentioned in their application form.

Step 3: Receive The Turkey E-Visa After Approval 

The third step in the process of applying for a Turkish electronic Visa for the Iraqi nationals from Iraq is to receive the Turkey E-Visa after the approval and processing process is completed.

Receiving an approved Turkey E-Visa will only take place once the processing process has completed successfully which takes around 01 to 02 business days to get over.

Through the medium of email, the applicant will be notified about the approval of their Turkey E-Visa which will then be sent with the E-Visa in a document format. 

All the applicant will be left to do is print the Turkey E-Visa document and bring it with them on their journey to Turkey. This document should be always kept with the traveller during their arrival in Turkey at the Turkish borders where the officials will verify the identity of the applicant.

Turkey E-Visa Rejection: Why Will A Turkish Electronic Visa Application Get Rejected And How To Avoid It? 

What are the common causes of Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens' rejection?

Even though the system of application of the Turkey E-Visa is advanced with a swift interface, there may be many times that a Turkey E-Visa application may get rejected due to unexpected reasons.

It is extremely essential for the Iraqi citizens to learn about the common causes of rejection which will enable them to avoid such rejections:

  1. Incomplete information: It is compulsory for each applicant to fill out each question field in the Turkey E-Visa application form. No question field should be kept unattended by the applicant. Failure in doing so will lead to an incomplete application form. This will then lead to a possible rejection of the Turkey E-Visa application. 
  2. Incorrect details: As a mandatory requirement, applicants should be careful about what they are filling in the Turkey E-Visa application form. Incorrect or false information in the application can lead to rejection and even denial of entry in Turkey if the information on the application form does not match the information on their Turkey E-Visa. 
  3. Overstays in past trips: Each Turkey E-Visa will allow the traveller to stay in the country for a specific period based on their nationality. If this permitted period of stay in the country is exceeded, the traveller will be committing overstaying in the country. If in the past, the applicant has any record of overstaying in Turkey, they may get a rejected E-Visa application therefore. 
  4. Unable to meet eligibility requirements: If the passport holders of Iraq are not able to meet each eligibility requirement for getting a Turkey E-Visa, then their application for the same will be rejected. 
  5. Inadequate funds to reside in Turkey: To be considered fully eligible to stay in Turkey, the applicants will have to provide proof of adequate financial funds to handle their expenses in the country. If the applicant fails in providing a proof of adequate funds, then their Turkey E-Visa application will get rejected. 

What are the solutions to avoid the Turkey E-Visa for Iraqi citizens' rejection?

  1. Applicants should make sure that they are reading each question field in the application form and are filling them with information that has been asked. At the end, the applicants are advised to go through the form and confirm that no question field has been left unanswered. 
  2. Usually, the Turkey E-Visa application form requires the applicants to fill out information from their passport regarding certain personal details, passport details, contact details and much more. To make sure that the applicant is not filling any false information in the Turkey E-Visa application form, they should keep their passport nearby and refer to it while they are filling the application form. 
  3. Overstaying, not only in Turkey, but in any country is not acceptable. That's why the applicant should make sure that each trip to Turkey should be if the validity period of the E-Visa mentioned on their electronic Visa document. If the applicant wishes to stay more in the country, then they can apply for a Turkey Visa extension. 
  4. Iraq is included in the list of countries that can get a Turkey E-Visa for travelling to the country from Iraq. However, there are many other eligibility criteria too that should be met to be considered fully eligible for a Turkey E-Visa. That's why each applicant should make sure that they are fulfilling all the eligibility criteria and requirements for the Turkey E-Visa.
  5. To stay in Turkey for the duration of stay allowed on the Turkey E-Visa which is 50 dollars per day, the applicant will have to provide proof of a stable financial situation that is adequate to stay in Turkey. 

The Turkish Electronic Visa For Iraqi Citizens Summary

The system of application of a Turkey E-Visa holds immense importance for the passport holders of Iraq. This system enables Iraqis to travel to Turkey with an electronic travel permit that is extremely easy to obtain provided the applicants are considered 100% eligible for the same.

Quick possessing times, speedy application filling procedures, swift interface, etc applicants can easily get a Turkey E-Visa in no time from the luxury of their homes. With the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in both countries, travelling to Turkey from Iraq has become extremely simplified.

Contrary to the procedures of applying for a Turkey Visa via the Turkish Embassy or the Visa on Arrival system which consumes a lot of time and effort of the applicant, applying for a Turkey E-Visa is a much better option with affordable fees for the same. 

The approval of an Online Turkey Visa is not always a given, though. Several things, such as giving false information on the online form and concerns that the applicant would overstay their visa, might cause the Online Turkey Visa application to be refused. Learn more at How to avoid Turkey Visa Rejection.

Check your eligibility for Online Turkey Visa and apply for Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa 3 (three) days in advance of your flight. Chinese citizens and Canadian citizens can apply online for Electronic Turkey Visa.