Turkey Tourist Visa, Apply Online - Turkey E Visa

Turkey Tourist Visa or Turkey e-Visa can be obtained online without the need to visit in person to any embassy or consulate to receive your visa. Unlike a traditional visa, applying for a Turkey tourist visa in an online format would only take a matter of minutes and save a reasonable amount of your time to make any in-person visit.

What You Need to Know about Turkey Tourist Visa?

Turkey is one of the top tourist destinations given the country's blend of East and West cultures. If visiting this beautiful country is part of your travel bucket list then you need to be sure to plan early to prepare all the documents needed for a hassle free visit to Turkey.

Turkey Tourist Visa or Online Turkey visa can also be obtained in an all online process without the need to visit in person to any embassy or consulate to receive your visa. Unlike a traditional visa , applying for a Turkey tourist visa in an online format would only take a matter of minutes and save a reasonable amount of your time to make any in-person visit.

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Travel with an E-visa to Turkey

There are many reasons why you would want to choose an e-visa for your visit to Turkey.

A Turkey Tourist Visa is an all online process that would make your process to make travel or business related trips to the country much easier.

The following are the benefits you can avail when travelling to Turkey with an Online Turkey Visa:

  • An all online visa application process for Turkey Tourist Visa is the easiest way to obtain a travel or business trip visa to Turkey.
  • The application process is easy as well as quick, where you would be able to receive your e-visa within 24 hours through email in a downloadable format.
  • Your Turkey Tourist Visa can be used as an e-visa for travelling as well as business related purposes for a period of 90 days within a 180 days timeline.
  • It is easy to check the status of your application and to keep getting updated of your e-visa request.
  • Compared to a traditional visa application, applying for an e-visa would save loads of your time from physically visiting any embassy or consulate.

Given the above benefits you may find it best to apply for an Online Turkey Visa to plan your next trip to Turkey. To avoid last minute rush you must apply for your Turkey Tourist Visa well in advance of your trip.

Who is eligible to get a Turkey Tourist Visa Online?

  • If you belong to a certain list of countries which are eligible to get Turkey e-Visa then you can easily apply for a Turkey Tourist Visa in an online application process.

You can easily check the eligibility of your country for an e-visa for Turkey here.

Certain countries like Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Ukraine have been relaxed from this rule of visa exemption by the Turkish government.

In case your country does not fall under the list of e-visa eligible countries for Turkey, you must have a traditional visa while travelling to Turkey and must apply for the same through a traditional visa application process.

  • All passengers arriving at Turkey must present a valid passport with an expiry date of at least 60 days from the date of departure from Turkey. You must check the expiry date on your passport before filling a Turkey Tourist Visa application online. 
  • If you are visiting Turkey with an e-visa then you must present a proof of your return ticket on your arrival to Turkey. For people travelling to Turkey for business related visits, it would be acceptable in case you cannot find a return ticket within the stay period mentioned on your e-visa. Make sure to carry a return ticket as a document proof on your arrival to Turkey.
  • All applicants applying for Turkey Tourist visa online would need to have a valid email address. The email address provided on your application form will be used by immigration officials in case of any issue with your application or to convey other important details regarding the status of your e-visa application.
  • At the time of payment for your application form, you would need to make payment with a valid debit or credit card. It is best recommended to use a MasterCard, Visa or UnionPay for faster payment processing of your e-visa application.
  • COVID 19 rules must be followed on arrival with all precautionary measures to be adopted before planning your trip. Travellers to Turkey might need to fill an entry form if travelling during the pandemic situation. Entry forms can also be filled online.

3 Steps Process to fill Turkey Tourist Visa Application Online

This article is aimed to simplify your application process for Turkey Tourist Visa. You can follow the below steps to complete your application process:

  1. Fill the Online Turkey Visa Application Form: Given the necessary documents are ready, you can start filling your Turkey e-visa application form. Fill all the information asked accurately to avoid any delays in your e-visa processing.
  2. Pay for your Turkey e-visa application: After completing the application process you must complete the payment process either through a debit or credit card. A unique reference number will be displayed on your provided email address after completing the payment process of your Turkey Tourist Visa application.
  3. Receive Turkey e-Visa by email : Your application for e-visa will be processed within 24 hours time, after which you will be able to receive your e-visa through email. You can download your e-Visa document from your email, which would later need to be presented on arrival at Turkey.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you can freely make your travel plans for Turkey based on your e-visa. An e-visa for Turkey would allow you to explore the country for upto 90 days, hence it is one of the best ways to plan a hassle free trip to the country.

Different types of Turkey Tourist Visas and what you should choose?

If you want to visit Turkey there are various ways to plan your trip apart from using a traditional visa.

While an e-visa is best for the purpose of tourism or business trips, there are many other types of visas you can use to fulfil your travel plans.

Turkey Tourist Visa Online

An Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is best for the purpose of tourism, which would allow you to visit the country for enough period of time to be able to explore all major tourist attractions within Turkey.

A Turkey Tourist Visa would require you to provide your passport related information along with other details on your application form. An e-visa would be valid upto 30 to 90 days depending on the country of the applicant.

You must check the eligibility for your country before applying for a tourist visa to Turkey in an online format.

Visa on Arrival for Turkey

A visa on arrival for Turkey is valid for certain countries whose citizens can get the authorization to visit Turkey at the point of arrival. As a passenger wanting a visa on arrival for Turkey, you will have to wait in line at the point of arrival in Turkey to get your visa after paying the required fee.

Antigua and Barbuda











Dominican Republic


Greek Cypriot



Hong Kong











Saint Lucia

S.V. and the Grenadines


United States

For citizens of North Korea wanting to travel Turkey with a valid visa or with a passport of UK, US, Ireland or one of Schengen countries can get a visa on arrival for upto 30 days.

Transit Visa for Turkey

If you are transiting to another country from Turkey then you will need a transit visa which can be used under certain circumstances.

For passengers wanting to explore nearby regions from the airport or sea port, a transit visa would allow you to do so within a period of 72 hours.

In case as a transit passenger you plan to remain within the international transit area in Turkey then you need not apply for any specific visa for that purpose.

However, those crossing the region by land border will need to present valid documents along with a visa for Turkey to the official at the post.

Depending on the purpose of your visit you can choose the visa required to plan your trip to Turkey or even to visit a few nearby locations in case you are transiting to a third country via Turkey.

If a traveler plans to leave the airport, they must get a transit visa for Turkey. Even though they will only be in the city for a short while, transit travelers who wish to explore the city must have a visa.Learn more at Transit Visa for Turkey.

FAQ- Know More About Turkey Tourist Visa Application Process

  1. For how long can I stay in Turkey with my e-visa?

You can stay at least upto 60 days in Turkey with your e-visa. In case of certain couture however, the validity of e-visa would allow you to stay in Turkey upto a period of 30 days.

  1. How many times can I visit Turkey with my e-visa?

You can visit Turkey with your Turkey tourist visa multiple times within the validity period. In some cases however, your e-visa would only allow you single time entry.

  1. Do children need an e-visa to visit Turkey?

If you are accompanied by minors on your trip to Turkey, they too need an electronic authorization for their entry into Turkish borders. Each individual visiting Turkey would need an e-visa in case they do not hold a traditional visa or Official visa for Turkey.

  1. How can I extend the validity of my Turkey tourist visa?

Once you have received your e-visa for a specific expiry date you cannot change its validity period. However, you may apply for another e-visa if you want to visit Turkey with an e-visa.

  1. How can I pay for my e-visa application?

After filling all the application details, you can proceed to pay using a valid debit or credit card for the application fee. You can use a Debit / Credit card like a MasterCard, Visa  or Amex for hassle free payment.

Best Places to See in Turkey

Turkey is a place with fusion of both European and Asian culture. If you want to witness this one-of-a-kind place on this planet then you must start planning your next trip to this country. Some of the must attractions in Turkey are one of the top recommended places for travellers around the world.


This city is one of the first things which would come to your mind whenever you hear of Turkey. From historical structures with beautiful carvings to busy marketplaces, Istanbul is truly a blend of eastern culture with a Western touch. Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, the Grand Bazaar, are only some among many other wonderful attractions in this city.


This city in Turkey would offer you out of the world views of its white travertine terraces which you probably witnessed in some beautiful scene in a movie. This natural attraction is something you can only experience in Turkey. Its nearby city, Hierapolis is a famous ancient Roman city known for its age-old ways of spa treatments.


Get the glimpse of the gorgeous turquoise ocean at this southern city of Turkey. Known as the country's resort city, Antalya is a gateway to witness the Mediterranean climate, culture, and food of Turkey. You can explore this pretty coastal city in a time of 2-3 days but given its relaxed atmosphere you can choose to spend quality time at this place.


The sight of rare cave formations from above would be your most memorable memory of Turkey. Cappadocia is known for its rare caverns and hot air balloon rides. Getting a glimpse of these caves from the top under the beautifully painted sunset sky is one of the most well known natural wonders Turkey is known for.

You can easily travel to Cappadocia using a flight with the nearest airport only an hour away from the region.


Discover Turkey's history from this capital city with many of the things to explore within this region. With museums, palaces and being a centre of theatre and arts in the country, there is much to explore in Ankara than you might have guessed.

Check your eligibility for Online Turkey Visa and apply for Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa 3 (three) days in advance of your flight. American citizens, Australian citizens, Chinese citizens, Canadian citizens, South African citizens, Mexican citizens, and Emiratis (UAE citizens), can apply online for Electronic Turkey Visa. Should you need any help or require any clarifications you should contact our Online Turkey Visa helpdesk for support and guidance.