Turkey Visa Application

By: Turkey e-Visa

More than 50 different nations can now apply online for a Turkey Visa. Foreigners can travel to Turkey for up to 90 days for leisure or business with an authorized Online Turkey visa.

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

How to get a Visa for Turkey online?

More than 50 different nations can now apply online for a Turkey Visa Online.

You may submit the Turkey visa application form using a laptop, smartphone, or another electronic device. The request may be finished in a short amount of time.

Foreigners can travel to Turkey for up to 90 days for leisure or business with an authorized Online Turkey visa.

There are three steps to apply for a Turkey Visa Online if you meet the requirements:

  • The applicants must make sure to fill out and complete the Online Turkey Visa application form.
  • The applicants must make sure to review and confirm the payment of the Turkey Visa Online fees.
  • The applicants will receive their Turkey Visa Online via email.

Turkish embassy visits are not necessary at any point in the application process. All applications must be submitted online. When traveling to Turkey, they should carry the approved visa that they received via email.

To enter Turkey, all passport holders, including minors, must apply for a Turkey Visa Online. A child's parents or guardians can apply for a visa on their behalf.

Foreign nationals wishing to travel to Turkey for tourist or business purposes can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization called Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa. Learn more at Eligible Countries for Online Turkey Visa.

Completing the Turkey Visa application form

A Turkish visa application form must be filled out by eligible travelers with their personal details and passport information. Additionally, the applicant must specify their country of origin and estimated entry date.

Travelers must provide the following details when filling out the Turkey Visa Online application form:

  • Given name and surname of the applicant.
  • Date and place of birth of the applicant
  • Passport number of the applicant
  • Passport issue and expiry date of the applicant
  • Email address of the applicant
  • Mobile phone number of the applicant
  • Present Address of the applicant

Note: Before applying for the Turkey Visa Online, the applicant must also answer a series of security questions and pay the Turkey Visa Online fee. To complete the Turkey Visa Online application and travel to Turkey, passengers with dual nationality must use the same passport.

If a traveler plans to leave the airport, they must get a transit visa for Turkey. Even though they will only be in the city for a short while, transit travelers who wish to explore the city must have a visa. Learn more at Transit Visa for Turkey.

Turkey Visa application documents

The following documents will be required to apply for the Turkey Visa Online:

  • The applicants must have a passport from an eligible country.
  • The email address of the applicants
  • The applicants must have a valid debit or credit card.

Travelers must have a passport that is valid for at least 60 days beyond their stay. The passport must be valid for a minimum of 150 days for foreigners to apply for a 90-day visa.

All notifications and the approved visa are emailed to applicants.

The latest COVID-19 requirements for Turkey must be checked by all foreign visitors. Vaccination certificates, recovery documents, or PCR test results may be needed by travelers.

If certain conditions are met, citizens of certain countries can apply. There are some things travelers need:

  • The applicants must have a valid visa or residence permit from a Schengen country, the UK, the US, or Ireland
  • The applicants must have hotel reservations.
  • The applicants must have proof of adequate financial means.
  • The applicants must have return flight tickets with an approved airline.

Before you apply for Turkey business visa application, you must have detailed knowledge about business visa requirements. Click here to learn more about eligibility and requirements to enter in Turkey as a business visitor. Learn more at Turkey Business Visa.

Who can apply for a Turkish Visa? 

Turkish visas are available to tourists and business travelers from more than 50 countries.
Turkey’s electronic visa is available to citizens of countries across North America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.
Applicants may apply online for either of the following based on their nationality:

  • 30-day single entry Turkey Visa Online
  • 90-day multiple entry Turkey visas online

Note: Foreign nationals holding passports from nations, not on the list are either entitled to enter without a visa or must apply for a visa at a Turkish embassy.

Turkey Visa processing time

Applicants can finish the Turkey Visa Online application in a short amount of time. Candidates can fill out the electronic form from their home or place of business.

The successful applicants receive their approved visas in less than 24 hours. However, it is advised that visitors submit their applications at least 72 hours before their planned trip to Turkey.

Candidates can submit their applications as soon as they know when they will visit Turkey. On the application, they will list their expected arrival date.

We offer Turkey visa for US citizens. To learn more about Turkish visa application, requirements, and process contact us now. Learn more at Turkey Visa for United States Citizens.

Turkey Visa application checklist

Travelers should confirm they fit all the criteria on this checklist before beginning the online Turkey visa application process. Candidates must:

  • The applicants must be a citizen of one of the eligible countries.
  • The applicants must hold a passport valid for at least 60 days beyond the stay.
  • The applicants must have relevant supporting documents.
  • The applicants must be traveling to Turkey for business or tourism purposes.

If a traveler satisfies all of these criteria, they may begin the Turkey Visa Online application process.

Advantages of applying for your Turkey Visa

It is advised for all eligible tourists to apply for a Turkey Visa Online. Some advantages of requesting a Turkey Visa Online include the following:

  • The application form is completed online and may be submitted from home or any part of the world with a reliable internet connection.
  • Rapid processing of visas; 24-hour approval
  • Applicants receive an email with their approved visas.
  • straightforward application form for obtaining a visa to Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions about the Online Turkey Visa. Get answers to the most common questions about the requirements, important information and documents required to travel to Turkey. Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions about Online Turkey Visa.

Please apply for a Online Turkey Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.