Turkish Visa renewal and extension

Many travellers, who visit Turkey from foreign nations, require staying in Turkey for a period longer than they have planned. For this purpose, they can apply for a Turkish Visa renewal and extension. 

According to the personal preferences and circumstances of the traveller, there are different ways through which they can prolong their stay in Turkey by extending the validity of their Turkish Visa. Or by renewing their Visa. To renew and extend a Visa for Turkey, the applicants will be given different options that can be used. 

It is extremely important that travellers follow an important rule of staying in Turkey which is to avoid overstaying in the country. Overstaying is basically when the traveller stays in the country for a period which is more than the validity of their Visa that they are holding currently. Overstaying in Turkey will lead to the violation of the Immigration laws. This will result in serious consequences such as fines and Other forms of penalties. 

To ensure that the traveller does not have to face any serious consequences of overstaying in Turkey, they are advised to be aware of the validity period of their Turkish Visa. And if due to any reason they must stay in Turkey for a longer period, then they should start applying for Turkish Visa renewal and extension. 

Online Turkey Visa or Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel permit or travel authorization to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that foreign visitors must apply for a Online Turkey Visa at least three days (or 72 hours) before you visit Turkey. International tourists can apply for an Online Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Online Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

For How Much Time Will the Turkish Electronic Visa Remain Valid For? 

A Turkish electronic Visa that had been processed and approved by the Turkish authorities will remain valid for a period of one hundred and eighty days. This validity period is calculated from the date that is mentioned in the application of the applicant. The validity period indicates the time frame in which travellers can enter and stay in Turkey for different purposes. And exit from the country as well before this validity period expires. 

If the traveller tries to take entrance in Turkey after the validity period of the Visa is over, they will not be permitted to enter the country. The Turkish Visa that they are holding will not be accepted by the Turkish authorities as well. 

The number of days or months for which a traveller can reside in Turkey with a Turkish electronic Visa is decided based on the nationality they belong to. Many nationalities are allowed to stay in Turkey for a period of thirty days. Whereas many nationalities will be permitted to stay in Turkey for a period of sixty days. 

The passport holders of many countries will be granted a single-entry on their Turkish Visa. And the citizens of many nations will be granted multiple entries on their Turkish Visa. With A multiple entry Visa, travellers will be enabled to leave the country and re-enter the country for multiple times according to their preferences and situations.

A Turkey visa online or the e-Visa for Turkey can be obtained by citizens of more than 50 different nations. It's crucial to understand how long you may remain in the nation if you have a visa that you obtained online and are travelling. Learn more at Online Turkey Visa Validity.

What Will Happen If the Traveller Overstays In Turkey? 

If the traveller has stayed in Turkey for a period longer than what has been mentioned on their Turkey Visa. Or if they have overstayed, then will be required to exit the country as soon as they can. 

Based on how much time the traveller has overstayed in the country, they will have to face consequences as fines or other kinds of penalties. Fines or penalties are subject to the duration for which overstaying has been done by the visitor in Turkey. 

Overstaying will not only lead the traveller to pay fines or other penalties. But it will also make the process to obtain a Turkish Visa in the future a little complicated. 

The Online Turkey Visa is an Electronic Travel Authorization that was implemented from 2013 by the Government of Türkiye. This online process for Turkey e-Visa grants its holder a stay of up to 3 months in the country. For visitors visiting Türkiye for business, tourism, or transit, a Turkey eVisa (Online Turkey Visa) is necessary for travel authorisation. Learn more at Online Turkey Visa.

Can Travellers Extend Their Tourist Visa for Turkey? 

If the visitors are residing in Turkey and if they have the need to extend the duration of their stay in the country, then they can start the procedures of application for Turkish Visa renewal and extension at the Immigration Department. They can also carry out this process at the Turkish Embassy or the police station to obtain necessary guidelines about the same. 

It is possible for the applicant to extend the validity of their Turkish Visa depending on the reasons for which they want the extension. Other factors that may affect the Turkish Visa renewal and extension is the nationality of the applicant and the starting purposes of their visit to the country. 

Extending the Turkish Visa digitally on the internet will be not be made possible for any applicant. The travellers who intend to extend their electronic Turkish Visa will have to exit the country first. And then re-apply for a new Turkey E-Visa. 

The extension of the applicant's Turkish Visa is largely dependent on various factors such as 

  • The traveller's documents. 
  • Their nationality of the country their passport belongs to
  • The purpose of renewing their Turkish Visa

It is typical for tourists to want to extend or renew their Turkish visas while they are in the country. There are various alternatives available to travelers depending on their specific needs. Additionally, visitors must ensure they do not overstay their visas when attempting to extend or renew a Turkish one. This may be against immigration regulations, resulting in fines or other penalties. Learn more at What Will Happen If You Extend Your Visa in Turkey?

Is There an Option To Obtain A Residence Permit For A Short Period? 

Yes. There are certain occasions where applicants can apply for a residence permit for a short period to stay in Turkey. For doing this, the applicant will have to contact the concerned Immigration Department in Turkey. 

To obtain a short-term residence permit for Turkey, the applicant will first have to educate themselves about the documentation requirement. After knowing that requirement, the applicant will have to make sure that they are fulfilling those requirements and will have to arrange them if they are considered eligible to apply for a short-term residence permit for Turkey. 

The Schengen Zone Agreement Between Turkey and the EU Schengen Visa Holders has opened numerous options - Many travelers may not realize that these rights apply outside of the EU. One such country that grants this type of visa holder preference access is Turkey. Learn more at Obtaining A Schengen Visa to Enter Turkey.

How Can Travellers Extend a Tourist Visa For Turkey? 

To start the procedures for applying for a Turkish Visa renewal and extension, the applicant will have to take a trip to the local Immigration office. Then, they will have to make a submission of their application for the same. This application will need the traveller to provide essential details about different aspects such: 

  • Personal details. This section will need the applicant to mention various personal information such as their first name, middle name and surname, date of birth, gender, nationality, etc. 
  • Details about the trip and travel itinerary. 
  • Evidence of adequate funds for the entire trip and new stay in Turkey. 

Applicants are requested to keep full knowledge about each requirement for a Turkish Visa renewal and extension as it may keep changing based on the Immigration office where the applicant wishes to apply for a Turkish Visa. 

After knowing which documents are needed for the Turkish Visa extension and renewal, the applicants should keep them on hand so that they can apply for the extension as soon as they can without any further delays. 

The travellers, who are planning to renew or extend their Turkish Visa, should keep in mind that even though they are applying for a renewal or extension, they may or may not get an extended Visa. There is no guarantee for the same. The applicants renewal or extension request can be rejected by the Turkish Immigration Department authorities due to multiple reasons. 

The applicants will be required to pay an additional fee for extending or renewing their Turkish Visa. Moreover, the time taken to process and approve the request for Turkish Visa extension or renewal can range from a couple of days to a couple of weeks as well. That's why it is advisable for each applicant to apply for an extension or renewal well in advance before their current Visa expires. 

If in any case the extension or renewal request of the applicant has been rejected, the applicant will have to exit from Turkey before the validity of their current Visa expires. If they are not able to leave the country before the current Visa expires, then they may have to face the consequences of overstaying as it will be considered overstaying. 

Turkey e-Visa, or Turkey Electronic Travel Authorization, is a mandatory travel documents for citizens of visa-exempt countries. If you are a citizen of a Turkey e-Visa eligible country, you will need Turkey Visa Online for layover or transit, or for tourism and sightseeing, or for business purposes. Learn more at Turkey Visa Application Overview, Online Form - Turkey E Visa.

What Will Happen If the Traveller's Tourist Visa For Turkey Expires? 

If the traveller is unable to leave Turkey before their Visa expires and if they have not received extension on their current Visa then, these are the consequences that they will have to face:

  • The traveller will be charged a fine for overstaying. 
  • The traveller might be deported from Turkey to the country they came from. 
  • The traveller will be banned from travelling to Turkey for a specific period. 

The fee charged on the traveller will be based on the duration for which they have overstayed in the country. Once this fine has been paid, the traveller will be permitted to leave from the country. In any case that the Turkish Government catches the traveller staying in Turkey without a valid Visa, they will be charged with a hefty fine. And they may face deportation from Turkey as well. 

If the travellers are caught breaking the laws of the country. Or if they are not able to abide by the rules and regulations of Turkey, then they will be banned from the staying and entering in Turkey. 

The ways in which these situations can be avoided is simple. The travellers should always be well updated about the latest requirements for the Turkish Visa. Moreover, they should ensure that they are in possession of all the necessary documents for applying for a Turkish Visa. And if they wish to extend or renew their Visa, they should have correct documents for that purpose as well. 

The only way to avoid overstaying in Turkey is by applying for a Visa extension or renewal before the Visa expires. Or leaving the country before the expiration date of the Visa and re-entering with a new Visa. 

Travellers from several countries travelling to Turkey are required to obtain a Turkey visa for being eligible for entry. As a part of this, citizens from 50 countries are now eligible to apply for the Online Turkey visa. Moreover, applicants who are eligible to apply for the Online Turkey visa, will not have the requirement to visit a Turkish embassy or consulate in person to apply for the visa. Learn more at Online Turkey Visa Requirements.

How Can Travellers Apply For The Renewal And Extension Of A Turkish Visa| The Consequences Of Overstaying In Turkey Summary 

There might be multiple reasons as to why a traveller may want to stay in Turkey for a longer period. That's why the option for the application of the Turkish Visa renewal and extension has been given to the travellers. 

If the travellers think that they will have to stay in Turkey for a period longer than what is mentioned in their current Turkey Visa and if they can leave the country and re-enter, then they can start applying for a Turkish Visa extension or renewal as soon as possible.

Since overstaying is considered as breaking of the laws and regulations set by the Turkish Government, it will lead the travellers to face serious consequences. That's why applying for a Visa extension or renewing the current Visa is the most feasible option for any traveller who wishes to avoid paying a hefty fine or getting deported from Turkey due to overstaying. 

Several things, such as giving false information on the online form and concerns that the applicant would overstay their visa, might cause an e-Visa application to be rejected. Find out what to do if your Turkish e-Visa is denied and the most common reasons given for visa denials to Turkey by reading on. Learn more at What Do I Do If My Turkey E-Visa Is Rejected?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Renewal and Extension Of The Turkish Visa 

Who can apply for a Turkish Visa extension and renewal? 

The travellers who are residing in Turkey with a valid Turkish visa can apply for a Visa extension and renewal. To extend their current Visa, the applicant will have to make sure that they are in possession of all the essential documents that are needed to successfully extend the validity period of a Turkey Visa. 

Even if the applicant is eligible to get an extension on their Turkish Visa, but of they do not have the correct documents on hand, then they won't be granted extension or renewal of their current Turkish Visa. 

Is it permitted to stay in Turkey after the Turkish Visa has expired? 

No. Travellers cannot stay in Turkey once their Visa has expired. This is because staying in the country after the expiration of the Visa validity period will lead the traveller to face overstaying consequences. 

What are the consequences of overstaying in Turkey? 

The consequences of overstaying in Turkey are as follows: 

  • The traveller will be charged a fine for overstaying. 
  • The traveller might be deported from Turkey to the country they came from. 
  • The traveller will be banned from travelling to Turkey for a specific period. 

Such consequences are based on the number of days for which the traveller has overstayed in Turkey. For example: The amount of fine charged on the traveller is based on the number of days for which they have overstayed in Turkey. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Online Turkey eVisa. Get answers to the most common questions about the requirements, important information and documents required to travel to Turkey Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions about Online Turkey Visa.

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